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Friday, December 4, 2009

Helping Shonda at work

Shonda, my lil' sis, is an LPN at a local nursing/assisted living facility. One day they were taking some of the residents for an outing to the local art museum to view the photographs of one of the residents named Jim.

This is Jim.

So me and Shonda's friend Shay helped out by pushing some of the residents in their wheel chairs to view the photos and art at the museum. As we were headed down stairs to leave we discovered Shay on the piano serenading some of the ladies! It was funny and Shay actually plays pretty good.

Below is Shay playing the piano and me trying to figure out what the person in the wheel chair I was pushing was trying to tell me.

Below is the group shot of all of us together.

Let me tell you, I was so proud to watch my little sis at work that day! She is so good at what she does! I loved to see how much she knew of each of her patients life history, how she got down on he knee just to hear what they said to her, how she snuck Kermit some extra ice cream and told him not to tell! Shonda is a great nurse and has such a big heart for the job! I am so proud of my little sister!

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