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Friday, July 20, 2007

Speed Limit: TOO FAST!

Phew! I remember when I first met my step-son.
It was Halloween of 2001. He was almost two years old.
He looked so cute dressed as a little king!
He certainly didn't want to share his daddy's time with anyone else. If I even sat next to his daddy he would rush over to me and pull me away saying, "MY Daddy!" He eventually learned to share once he realized that daddy wasn't going to forget about his best buddy. Now, my little man is seven years old and really into sports!

I met my step-daughter when she was almost eleven years old. She is turning into a beautiful young lady. I hope her life's journey takes her to many wonderful places. When she was younger she used to be into music. Bluegrass. She played the violin. One time she played at a Bluegrass contest. I don't remember what she won, but I do remember that she did very well. I felt proud to see her working so hard at learning the violin and take such an interest in Bluegrass. Now she is sixteen years old going on thirty-five!
Oh and we can't forget my hubby! I met my husband through my mom. They were neighbors! At first my hubby and I didn't like each other. He thought that I seemed a bit snobbish and I thought he seemed a bit arrogant. I am not sure what made him eventually ask me out, but I am certainly glad he did! I'll tell you about our first date another time. To this day our family still picks on me about it.
On August 13, 2005, we tied the knot! August 13, 2007 will be our two year anniversary and many more to come!
My family is my life. I love my family. For me, family is what is in your heart, not just to do with who is blood related or in some title you get when you marry and man with two children. Family, for me, is of the heart.
Wow, life can really pass you by when your not looking! So I try to cherish every moment I have with my family because in the blink of an eye everything changes.