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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at Shonda's house

Saturday we all gathered at Shonda and Mike's house for our Thanksgiving get together.

Shonda and Mike were great cooks!

Larry was in charge of frying the turkey. Pat hung out with him.

Nathaniel and Grandma Baker.

Grandpa Baker.

Pasha and her mom, Val.

The Feast.

A few of Shonda's friends showed up by accident during our get together, so we invited them to join us. They were fun!

Val did a great job on the dishes!

It looks like everyone is full and happy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Am I a clean freak?

Did you know - that a single sneeze can spread up to 2,000-5,000 bacteria filled droplets into the air at 100 mph. GROSS!

Okay so everyone's opinion of what a "clean freak" is varies. I AM a clean freak AND a germ freak at work, not so much at home. Why? I work in a dental office. I am spattered by microscopic particles of saliva, plaque and who knows what else all day long. All though I wear a mask and glasses it gets on my face, my hair and my clothes. Gross. I smell bad breath and see all kinds of gross and not too gross of things all day long. I AM a clean freak at work and proud of it. It's my job. I must keep the office looking it's best and I must protect myself and my patients from those germs that are spread all over the office. The clean freak part is easy, it's the germ freak part that I find the hardest and most irritating. Many patients come into the office with their colds, sniffles and sneezes. A patient will sit in the chair a put their finger into their mouth to point something out to us and then touch the arm rest, the pen to sign paper work, and the door handle when they leave. Oh yes, I am watching that finger the moment it enters their mouth. For the most part I am pretty good at back tracking their steps once they leave the office and Lysol everything they've touched. It's not the patients fault, nor anyone else, they simply don't think about it. This is probably why my boss and co-worker giggle at me when I am spraying Lysol all over the office. All I can think about while I am at work is GERMS, GERMS, GERMS. They're everywhere.

However, I think that when most people say, "She's such a clean freak", they imply that I am a clean freak as in I worry about the up keep of the house and the germs. That's not my impression of a clean freak. My co-worker, she is a clean freak. Her house is so clean it looks like the picture in a magazine. As far as her "germ freak" tenancies, I have no idea. My house, it is not clean. I am a clutter bug, I struggle with this on a daily basis. I wait til the house gets bad then I tackle the situation. It's a cycle the just repeats itself. As far as germs in my home, I am not as much of a germ freak at home as I am at work. Perhaps that is because I know who is going in and out of my home. I do have a few "strange" quirks. The dish sponge must always be microwaved for 1 minute before it is used, I don't eat or drink after people, I don't really like to use my bath towel more than once, I would prefer the bed sheets were washed everyday if I had the time, towels and sheets MUST be washed on HOT water, I will not eat food that someone has made if I don't know them (This happens sometimes at the office), I will not use a public phone, when we have to stay at a hotel I will not use the comforter and I always bring my own blanket and pillow, I always check my silverware at a restaurant and I will not drink straight from the glass - I need a straw. Call me weird, but that's me. I am sure I have more weird quirks that I don't even think about.

Of all cleaning products I will only use Lysol. I trust Lysol. If it is approved and good enough to use in the dental office, it is good enough for my home. I sometimes research the best ways to clean stuff. Yeah, okay weird. So I sometime research cleaning/germs...whatever. Today I found a fun little website: www.stopgerms.org/study.html
Check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today Larry and I are going to a Thanksgiving lunch buffet with Sue and Woody (my in-laws) at Hometown Buffet. Sue's back is doing well. She isn't up for cooking or having a lot of people over so this is what we decided to do. Just us four.

After that Larry and I plan to make a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some peanut oil (Larry is frying the turkey on Saturday. Everyone loves his fried turkey!), brownie mix and eggs.

I have to work Black Friday at Bath and Body Works from 9 am to 2pm (or whenever I can get away). Since no one will be able to take a lunch or a break (just grabbing a bite whenever possible) we are doing potluck. I plan to bring some brownies.

Saturday everyone is gathering at Shonda and Mike's house for our Thanksgiving feast! It ended up being on Saturday because that was the best we could arrange between everyone's families and schedules. I plan to also bring some brownies then too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Update

Grandpa Baker saw the doctor on Monday for his test results. His prostate cancer has NOT spread and he will be undergoing radiation treatment. We are all optimistic and hopeful.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Update: continued

My mother-in-law is now at home (has been since Tuesday). She is still in pain but doing well. She is bored to tears having to sit at home while she heals but she'll be okay. Sue isn't used to sitting idle (she's like the energizer bunny) so it'll be tough for her while she heals.

My Grandpa Baker is doing okay. He is easily tired out by doing simple every day things. So he naps a lot. This week he has some tests ran and an MRI. Monday we'll find out what kind of treatment he can undergo and if the cancer has spread to any other part of his body. December 16th he will be getting a new pacemaker.

My Grandma Baker is doing better in handling the situation. She and I talked for a while today. She told me that she plans to simply take it one day at a time. I think that's a good idea.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updates...and a few prayer requests

Well a lot has been going on lately.

On Thursday my mother-in-law had back surgery. She is doing very well. She should be able to go home around Monday or Tuesday.

Also, on Thursday, my Grandpa Baker (my mother's dad) was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Later that night he suffered from a mini-stroke. My Grandma has been very upset about the diagnosis. My mother takes care of my grandparents (they live right next door) and so she has been stressed out as well.

Cessna is laying off 500 people after the new year. My step-dad, my mother and my brother all work at Cessna.

Mylan has started basketball. He practices one day a week and later will start two days a week once game time gets closer.

I have decided to take some time off of teaching Sunday school (two months). Mr. Rich will be taking my class while I take this time off. My heart hasn't been in my teaching lately. I've been distracted with other things in my life and decided it would be best for myself and my students if I took some time to get my head straight. I told my kids today. In order to inform my kids of my taking this time off I decided to use the story of the lost sheep. The Parable of the lost sheep. Luke 15:1-7. At first they were concerned if I would be back or not and they were relieved when I told them exactly when I would be back. My students are great! I love them very much! I am a lucky Sunday school teacher. I am also thinking about starting a Sunday school blog. That way the parents can log on to see what their kids have been up to in class and the kids who miss class can see what they've missed. I don't plan to make it anything complicated, just a paragraph each Sunday discussing an outline and the key verse. Like I said, I am thinking about it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy 80h Birthday Granny Ina!

Larry, Mylan, Alisha and I went to Arkansas for Granny Ina's 80th birthday party this weekend. Aunt Darla traveled from Houston, Texas for the party. It was great to see everyone again!

Grandma (Connie) and Grandpa (David) put together the whole party. Granny had lots of family and friends show up to wish her a Happy Birthday. (I didn't post the photos of all the guests)

Darla and Larry.

Left to right:
Alisha, Darla, Me, Larry, David
Connie, Mylan, and Granny Ina

Our visit to Atkansas

On our way to Arkansas Alisha reads while Mylan sleeps.

Mylan is buried under there somewhere.

A little wrestling fun between Larry, Mylan, Alisha and Aunt Darla!

On our way back to Kansas...their both asleep and buried.

Sunday School fun

Snaps shots from Sunday School.

Third Annual Halloween Party Activities

We all had a blast at Mylan's Third Annual Halloween Party!

The kids played in the party room...

Got tangled in the webs...

Even Buzz Light Year had fun!

The cutest Scare Crow showed up with mom and dad!

He tried to be shy but couldn't hide his excitement!

The food was delicious!

This is me and Shonda.

This is Mylan hanging out with his friends while everyone grabs a bite to eat.

The kids enjoyed a game of air hockey.

Silly Shonda.

The dads hung out in the living room.

Amy looks so pretty!

Is Eric hungry too?

Mylan serves some punch.

The Waller Family.

The Clingan Family.

Me and Larry.


The Dupler boys.