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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'll post pics soon

Okay, due to our unorganized office, which is where all of my blogging takes place, I can't find the cord to my camera so that I can upload all of my Christmas pics. So as soon as I find it I will post them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well it's been pretty hectic around here.
I have been working extra hours at my part time job at Bath and Body Works. With the holiday season being here we are swamped with customers. The dental office has been pretty busy too. Patients tend to want to rush in at the last minute with toothaches or broken teeth. They also tend to track in more of that salt stuff to melt the ice outside so that keeps me vacuuming all day. My boss seems to think it's funny how often I vacuum. Last week he said, "It's been 5 mins are you sure you don't need to vacuum again?"
My Grandpa Baker got a new pace maker on December 16th. On December 19th my little sister, Shonda, graduated from her nursing program with her LPN. Earlier in the week my Uncle Carol passed away. This weekend my Grandparents, mom, Pat, Shonda and Nathaniel are all in Texas for the funeral. I also found out that my Uncle Charles has been diagnosed with some sort of bad lung problem.
Well Christmas is almost here. This week has some busy plans ahead.
I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shonda Graduates!!

Today, my little sister Shonda, graduated from W.A.T.C with her LPN in Nursing!
We are all so proud of her! She later plans to go back for her RN in Nursing!!

Before the ceremony starts, because she is already such a good little nurse, she checks up on Grandpa Baker. Grandpa just had a new pace maker put in two days ago.

This is Shonda with one her instructors, Martha. Shonda and Martha seem to have a great relationship and genuinely care about each other. Actually all of the students seem to look up to Martha a great deal.

Shonda with her graduating class. There is 29 in total graduating!

Shonda receiving her nursing pin!

And a few hugs!

Me and Shonda wearing her nursing pin!

After the ceremony: Mike's Grandmother visits with Grandma Baker, Grandpa Baker in his wheelchair and Mike's Grandfather looks on.

Shonda and Mike. Mike is sooooo proud of Shonda.

This isn't a good picture because I caught Shonda in the middle of a conversation. Oops!

Mike's Grandfather, Shonda and my Mom. Mike's grandparents adore Shonda.

Left to Right: Grandpa Baker, Mike's Grandfather, Shonda, my Mom, Mike, and Pat.

Oops! I think I caught her in the middle of another conversation. She's very animated.

Mike and Pat (my step-dad).

My mom and Mike's Grandmother having a conversation.

Grandma Baker and Shonda talking to Grandpa Baker.

Grandma Baker, Grandpa Baker and Shonda.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Ugly Sweater" Party Highlights

Being the goofy bunch that we are, we decided to take "prom style" pics of each couple in their ugly sweaters!

Eric and Amy...

John and Mandy (the host and hostess)...

Jeremiah aka "Miah" and Aleesha...
Miah won the contest for ugliest sweater!

Me and Larry...

Dianna and Clint...

Later after our delicious dinner we went downstairs to the basement to play some darts and music.

John (the host) was our own private DJ.

Eric does some singing and dancing as his wife, Amy, is watching and laughing.

Larry is running from Miah trying to keep the darts away from him so he can have his turn. I think Larry was beating Miah at darts.

Dianna found this sweater at the Goodwill for Clint and wrote his name on it. Apparently Eric thinks it's pretty funny!

Eric playing with the toys.

Dianna dancing.

Amy and Aleesha.

Aleesha and Miah. Larry and Dianna looking on.

Larry, Eric and Miah hanging out.

Me, Aleesha, Amy (waving), and Mandy (Hostess).

Miah dancing. Silly Miah!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

All ready for the party!

Tonight Larry and I are going to a Christmas party at John and Mandy's house. The theme is "Ugly Christmas Sweaters". It's a contest. Shonda found me an ugly sweater at Goodwill and I added little gold snowflakes to make it look a little Christmas like. Larry didn't have an ugly sweater so he just wore a sweater he already had.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How Mylan spends his day

Mylan will post these signs EVERYWHERE in the house. He makes a ton of them all the time. I eventually stopped throwing them away so that he could just reuse them.

Ready for Christmas

Today we decorated for Christmas!

Santa waves "Hello" from our dinning room window to all who pass by.

Our pretty door wreath.

Our pretty garland to greet all who enter our home.

Mylan loves this little table decoration. He likes to twist the switch in the back to make the music come on and the people move.

This is the star the Mylan made for the tree a few years ago. On it he wrote "God Rules." We have an angel but I much prefer the star that he made.

Here is our decorative teddy bear given to us by Grandma Sue in 2007.

Shonda made this decoration for our tree and several others.

My Elvis ornament.

Mylan made this one in 2002. He was only 2 years old.

Some more of Mylan's ornaments.