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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Today is our Christmas with Mylan. Boy was he excited!

He came into our room and jumped on the bed to wake us up this morning at 6AM! Ick! I am not a morning person but when you've got an excited little boy who's ready to see what Santa brought him you just have to deal with it, get up and find some caffeine fast. Larry and I saved one gift for each other to open on Christmas morning together. Each year that we don't have Mylan on Christmas Day we always go on a date! This year we plan to eat at Kyoto's and see a movie.

We aren't entirely sure where Mylan stands believing in Santa anymore but until he outright tells us that he does not believe we are still going with the charade. So as far as Mylan knows...Santa knows everything. That means that Santa knows when he is at Mom or Dad's house. Santa also visits Grandma Sue's house. So here are the pictures from our Christmas Eve with Mylan.

Mylan got a new Bible since he's out grown his old one...

He was very excited about his new indoor basketball goal. He was constantly breaking his old Nerf one until one day it was not longer fixable.

He was so excited that he pretended to faint on the ground!

He also got some much needed new shoes. That boy has some big feet! Men's size 8 1/2!

Larry checked them out to make sure we bought the right size. Just look at the size of that kids feet!

Anytime we are at Wal-Mart Mylan points out these candies called Pocky Sticks. They are in the isle with the oriental foods. So this year "Santa" put some in his stocking.

Mylan gave Larry a box of all kinds of odds and ends sports stuff. Mylan was most excited about giving Larry this St. Louis Cardinals desk clock.

Mylan knows that I love Coca-Cola. So as soon as the Christmas stuff was out at Wal-Mart he saw this round Coca-Cola bottle that looks like an ornament. He kept telling me that he wanted to get that for me for Christmas. So he took this picture. I hope that this picture doesn't scare you. Remember that it was at 6am and that I am NOT a morning person.

So Mylan's big Santa gift this year was the basketball goal he's been dying for! You can see how much he liked that!

My favorite gift this year and last year was my "date night" with Mylan. Last year Mylan gave me a gift certificate to the movies (We saw Hotel for Dogs! I still have the movie stubs!) and Old Chicago so that we could have a date! This year he gave me a gift certificate to the movies (We might see the Chipmunks movie!) and Applebees!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

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