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Saturday, March 12, 2011


A few pics I snapped while on my lunch hour.

Wildcat family! This is on my back window.

Photowalk March 2011

Tan, Brian and Heather

This one makes me think of an alien of some kind


Reflections...I love this one!


Shonda the monkey

I like the colors in this one

Heather and Brian

Fish bones! So cool!

I like the water ripples.

My favorite of all! I love the bending trees and how I made the picture look dark! Like something in a dream.

Mylan's 11th Birthday

This year Mylan had his 11th birthday party at the local recreation center! It was a Parents vs. Kids Dodge ball Party! A lot of fun!

What a handsome boy! I love him so much!

Silly Shonda and Nathaniel!