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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh Well...

Well, turns out that my hubby has his work picnic the day of the run and Kelli's son has a football game that day too. So the run isn't going to work out. The plus side is that I have at least gotten my butt of the coach and started some what of a work out routine. So we'll see if I can keep it up.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Boy...

My friend Kelli wants me to run in this 1 mile thing with her on September 15th. I said I would but I AM REALLY OUT OF SHAPE! I have been procrastinating (for 2 weeks) about getting into good enough shape to at least make this run without dieing before I get to the finish line. Kelli told me that running around the high school track 4 times was approximately 1 mile. So tonight I decided to give it a try and see how far I could make it around the track. I walked the track first. You know, a little warm up. Then I begin to jog, and jog, huff and puff, jog and jog some more. You won't believe it but I made it around that track 1 whole time! Barely. I didn't realize how badly out of shape I was. I felt like my heart was in my throat by the time I reached the end of the track. My legs were shaky and my tummy felt a little sick. Well I guess I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can get any further. Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Yeah, I know...I'm silly. We were slow at work so I decided to mess around with my camera phone. I tried to make it look like I was getting my tooth pulled. I thought I pulled it off quite nicely! Tee-hee!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Annual Halloween Bash!

Last year was Mylan's First Annual Halloween Party. He invited a bunch of friends!
We made lots of fun food! Skeletons bones, Eyeballs, Monster blood, Monster guts, Mummy wraps!
We also had lots of fun characters at our party! We had Doctors...
Mickey Mouse...
A really cute Clown...
A beautiful little Witch...
Another beautiful Witch, a Power Ranger, Tiger and many more!
We played lots of games. We played the Mummy Wrap game...
the Monster Freeze dance...
we also played Duck-Duck-Goose!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crazy about Sports

Since our little man was born with the "crazy about sports" gene he really didn't have much of a choice. He was born into it. I blame it on his dad. My boys are both crazy about sports! They eat, sleep, and dream about sports!
He is into Baseball...
and Golf.
He also likes football but hasn't played yet. However, my boys enjoy taking a "boys only" trip to a K-State football game.
One time our little guy got to be on the Wrangler's Dream Team! Cool!
That was such a fun day!

Our little adventure

Today after church and lunch me, Mylan, and Larry went to the ball field to do a little baseball practice. Mylan did very well today! He was hitting well, throwing well, and catching well!
Mylan plays the catcher position. He really enjoys it. This surprised us because under all of the gear he is dripping with sweat and NEVER complains about it. However, he is smart enough that if he's getting too hot he does speak up and ask to be switched out. WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM!! For some reason Mylan likes for me to go out and practice with them. To be honest with you, I DO NOT LIKE THE HEAT. Mylan knows this because he'll say, "Come on Ashlyne, don't be afraid of a little sweat!" Then he'll give me big hugs and tons of kisses and say, "Will you please come and practice with us. You're such a good out fielder!" Now how can I resist that?! After practice is over Mylan likes for me to bat. I am a terrible batter. It's embarrassing! But I am having fun with my boys and that's all that matters. Larry will pitch to me and Mylan will field. Mylan in always cheering me on though. When I swing badly he'll hang his head down and shake it. Larry is Mylan's coach and Mylan in my coach. I think he enjoys teaching me!

On our way home we decided to stop at these trails that we drive by all the time. Mylan and I have always been curious to see where they lead to. Larry used to ride his bike on them as a kid. We came to a few dead ends and a few GIGANTIC spider webs! Yuck! We ended up finding a bike down at the bottom of a big ditch. Mylan and I convinced daddy to climb down there to get it.
It's a pretty cool bike! It needs a few things fixed on it though: flat tires, loose handle bars, a tear in the seat. I ended up having to ride it home because it wouldn't fit in the trunk. That was a funny sight! We ended up turning it in to the police. It just felt like the right thing to do.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

WHBC Garage Sale

Last year, with the help of my mom, I organized our church garage sale. My mom has organized a few garage sales at her church. I decided to split the money that we made among all of the children's Sunday school teachers to use for whatever they need for their classrooms: supplies, prizes, decor. I teach 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Sunday school.
The garage sale was a lot of work though! Luckily I had the help of my church family.
Last year we held the garage sale on a Saturday only. This year we are going to have it on a Friday and a Saturday. Among all of the garage sale items we found a Mr. T and Curious George doll. So we decided to have a little fun with them.
I decided to put on the "Darell the Barrel" costume from last year's vacation Bible school and go outside to draw some attention to our sale. It was so much fun!
We even sold hot dogs, chips, pop and water.
We didn't price anything. The money we made was strictly donations. We did price the large furniture items though. We ended up making about $600.

Vote Mylan for President

When Mylan was in 1st grade he was in a performance about the presidents.
Mylan played George Washington.
His friend Britten played one of the narrators...
His friend Wyatt played a narrator too.
The kids sang songs about the presidents and went on stage to tell us about the president that they were playing.

The BIG 7

February 2007 was Mylan's 7nth Birthday Bash! This is the birthday boy himself looking very handsome!
We celebrated at the Bowling Alley. The party theme was from the Car's movie.
Mylan invited lots of friends!
These are a few friends from school...
Drake is one of his best friends...
Steve had a lot of fun! Think he's had too much sugar yet??
Grandma and Grandpa Baker were there. My mother, step-dad, Shonda and Mike and lots more friends and family.

Mylan and his friends bowled.
Then it was time for cake. That got a little messy!
After cake it was time for presents...Mylan's favorite part!
Our little man is growing up fast! Happy 7nth Birthday Mylan! We love you!