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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner Surprise

Sunday we ate lunch around 3pm so we decided to have dinner around 7:30-8pm. Most of the day I was at my grandparents house doing some house cleaning. When I got home I had a nice little surprise waiting for me. Mylan greeted me at the door as if we was a waiter. He had a towel draped over his arm and said, "Welcome Ma'am. Allow me to take your bags Ma'am." So he took my bag and took my arm and led me to the coffee table. He said, "Let me take you to your table ma'am." He was so cute! I discovered that we were eating in the living room so that the boys could watch football while we ate. However, I think they were buttering me up because they even went to the gas station to buy me a coke to have with dinner...my fave! Needless to say, it worked! My favorite part was Mylan the waiter though!

Promise of kisses anytime I choose!

My boys LOVE fresh baked anything! Mostly brownies or cookies! So this weekend Mylan asked if I would make brownies. I told him, "Well I don't know Buddy, I do have a pretty full schedule." I was only kidding because I didn't have a full schedule and he knew that. So he ended up making me a pretty good deal! He told me that anytime from now on if I make cookies or brownies that I can get kisses from him anytime I want! Of course I said right away, "Deal!!" Here is the rules:
I can only get kisses at home so that he doesn't get embarrassed by any of his friends seeing.
If I bake on a week day I can only get kisses that day and the following morning.
If I bake on a weekend, I can get kisses the entire weekend.
So of course I plan to do all my baking on the weekend. I can get more kisses that way!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just some stuff

I found a few pics of Mylan that I thought was cute. I found them on the computer while cleaning out my picture files.

This last pic was taken by our friend Brian today at Mylan's football game. It is me and Jayden. Mylan is playing with The Derby Blackshirts!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Game Room

These are pics of our back room. The room that we have had no idea what to do with so far. It is located behind our living room only separated by one wall. Sometime in the future we plan to knock out the separating wall. Who knows when that will be though. At the present time Mylan uses this room to practice his baseball swing.

This is our ugly, ugly fireplace. I really don't like the red brick, gold and the wood grain mantle. We will paint the brick and eventually change or try painting the mantle.

This is standing at the opposite end of the room looking towards the room entrance. On the left of the pic is the sliding glass doors (that need replaced) which lead to the back yard. The paneling will deffinatly be going. We will eventually replace the carpet with the same wood flooring that is in the living room, kitchen and dinning room.

This is standing at the rooms entrance looking toward the other end of the room towards the only window in the room.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Panthers Football

Ready for the Derby Panther's Football Game tonight!