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Thursday, December 24, 2009

25 Things I Love

1. the smell of fresh brewed coffee even though I don't drink coffee
2. flip-flops
3. the colors in Autumn
4. the smell of fresh Autumn air
5. the feel of a good snuggle
6. the taste of ice cold milk
7. the smell of lavender
8. the feel of a hot bubble bath on my skin
9. when Mylan was just a little tot, I loved the feel of his little hand in mine when we were walking somewhere
10. the sound of Mylan's voice when he tells me out of the blue that he loves me
11. the smell of the rain
12. a good hard sneeze
13. to see a room in a complete disaster and then to see it clean (I know that sounds weird)
14. the vacuum cleaner-it's an awesome invention!
15. the clicking sounds that high heels make on the pavement
16. the smell of my mothers perfume when I was a little girl-Oscar De La Renta
17. a good delicious book that is hard to put down
18. the smell of a lit match
19. the freeing feeling of not wearing any under garments-who needs a bra anyway!
20. the sound of Mylan's laugh when he is being tickled
21.that relaxed feeling you get just before you fall asleep
22. to have my head massaged
23. the fizz of a coca-cola on ice
24. a peachy keen smoothie from Zumo's
25. carmex chap stick

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