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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

The best Christmas Star we've ever had!

Our tree!

Mylan's Christmas town...he is very into collecting stuff for his town.

My two favorite guys helps decorated the tree! They're a bunch of goofballs!

We had some visitors who wanted to deliver some gifts on Christmas Eve! Aunt Shonda and Uncle Mike (the newly engaged!)...

and Uncle Nate and Aunt Pasha (the newly married!)!

Pasha seemed to really really like the present Shonda gave her!
It was a picture frame that reads "sisters" on it and contains a photo of Pasha, Shonda and I in it.

Mylan received some very awesome gifts from his Aunts and Uncles...Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and plenty of art supplies which included his very own scotch tape! No more using up all of MY scotch tape!

Looks like Santa has arrived! Gifts have been delivered under the tree, stockings have been filled and the milk and cookies have disappeared!

Now...if only the sleeping angel would wake up.

Oh there he is! Good morning sleepy head!

Looks like our little guy is excited to see what Santa brought him!
I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera ran out of batteries and I wasn't prepared with back up batteries. Sorry.

Larry put a lot of thought into my stocking this year! It was very sweet of him!
He got my the phone I wanted for a while now...a Motorola Flipout! It's so cute...about the size of a Klondike bar and fun to use!

My most favorite gift of all is my key necklace. Not sure why but I've always been sort of fascinated by skeleton keys. I keep thinking to myself that I'll start a collection. One day I will. I recently saw a JCPenny ad and saw some key necklaces in it that I thought were very pretty. I mentioned it to Larry but didn't he was paying any attention to me.
Little did I know that he was!
He made a great choice in which one he though I'd like!
Besides my wedding ring this is by far my most favorite piece of jewelry!
His thoughtfulness touches me!
Thanks Babe!

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