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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Control Freak?

I think I may have a problem. I think I may be a bit of a control freak. Last night by the time Larry and I were ready to go to bed I still hadn't put the bed sheets on after washing them. So Larry was headed up to get ready for bed before me. I told him that I'd be up in a minute to make up the bed. When I walked into the room he was already starting to pull the sheets out of the basket to make the bed. He smiled at me when I walked into the room because he knew what was coming. I asked him what he thought he was doing. He laughed and said that he was making the bed. I said, "Oh no you don't! I'll make the bed!" He teases me about this from time to time. Already knowing the answer he asked me why he can't make the bed. So like I always tell him I said, "Because you don't make it up right." He laughed and said that he just doesn't make the bed the way I want the bed made. He's right. I told him, as I always tell him in this conversation, that he doesn't make both sides even where the sheet and comforter hang down and he doesn't do the nurses fold right either. This drives me absolutely nuts. My Dad taught me the nurses fold a long time ago and as far as I am concerned a bed isn't made until the nurses fold is done...correctly. Making the bed isn't the only thing I am ridiculously picky about...vacuuming, washing the dishes, folding towels...
So you see why I may have a control freak issue here.
Geez, what is my deal?

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Anonymous said...

doing laundry too, dont forget that. lol