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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Odd Couple

This morning I got to sleep in while my wife (Larry...hee-hee) went to pick up Mylan from a sleep over. That was nice of Larry! Then when I got up Larry was in the kitchen chopping, cooking and putting together all of the ingredients needed for tonight's dinner into the crock pot. Ah yes life is good when I don't have to cook! My boss finds it's so odd that I don't do any of the cooking at home and that Larry does it all. My boss asked, "So you don't cook at home at all?" I said, "Not unless I am forced to cook. I cook mac and cheese and spaghetti!" When Larry proposed to me my first question was, "Do you cook well?" He said, "Yup." So I said, "Okay, I'll marry you!" Just kidding, it didn't happen like that at all!! Lol! So we do thins a little backwards in house. Larry cooks while I am out in the yard mowing, racking leaves, shoveling the snow or whatever else I might be doing...what's the big deal! That's not to say that Larry doesn't ever do those things too. Even our neighbors across the street tease us about it. Sometimes our neighbor will see me in the yard and say, "Where is Larry? Why isn't he out here helping you?" I answer with, "He's in the kitchen cooking my dinner!" Our neighbor will say, "You need to teach my wife how to rack the leaves!" Lol! Odd couple.

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