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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't buy Kathy Van Zealand

For Christmas my boss got me a purse that I liked. It is a black Kathy Van Zealand patent leather belt shopper from her pretty pleat collection. I loved it! It was so cute and girlie. The nicest purse I've owned. So naturally I was upset when the straps started to crack. The patent leather on them was cracking apart. I've only had it a month. So today I went back to Dillard's to complain and return/exchange it. I asked if they've had a lot of trouble with that kind of material on purses. The sales lady asked if I wanted her honest opinion and I said yes. She said that they've had a lot of returns on the Kathy Van Zealand purses. She said that in her opinion that they are worthless and that she would never own one. So unfortunately I had to give up my favorite purse. I got a store credit and I plan to get a different purse when I find one that I like. I'm not picky, I just know what I want.

A special surprise in the mail

Today I got a special surprise in the mail! It was handmade cards from my Sunday school kids telling me how much they missed me! How sweet! It really made me feel special.

You see, I've taken a few months off. Mr. Rich is filling in for me while I am taking some time off. I just needed a break. I was feeling drained and wasn't doing the kids any good when I was feeling that way.

That was very sweet of Mr. Rich to have the kids do that for me!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A birthday gift

My mother game me this sculpture for my 29th birthday. It is two women hugging. They almost look like they are dancing and twirling around and having fun. My mother said that it is me and Shonda. I think it's beautiful.
It is made by an artist named Cindy Burden: Encore Women of the Way. The brochure that comes with it reads,
"...she transfers her faith and personal testimony into each of her sculptures...Each one has a story and scripture that were her inspiration..." This particular sculpture is called,
"Joyous Reunion"
"...The redeemed of the Lord shall return...
And everlasting joy shall be upon their heads."
Isaiah 51:11

Looks like I will be starting a new collection.
I also like The Willow Tree figurines.

This is my current collection of Willow Tree figurines.

The one on the left is called "Prayer:Bless and keep all safe." A woman at church gave it to me.
The one on the right is called "Angel of the Heart:For those who love and are loved." I think my mother game me that one.

This box was given to me by Larry. It is called "From the heart." The inside of the box reads: "Love, Heartfelt and True."

This one is my favorite one. This box was given to me by Mylan. It is called "Tenderness." The inside of the box reads: "Treasuring a quiet moment of motherhood."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Date night

Tonight I went on the best date I have ever had...sorry Larry but you've been out done. I went on a date with my step-son, Mylan. For Christmas he gave me a date night (a gift card to a local restaurant and to a local movie theater). We had a great time. We decided to see "Hotel for Dogs". So we went for the 3:30pm showing and then planned to have dinner afterward. Turned out that the 3:30pm showing was sold out when we got there so we got our tickets for the 6:20pm showing and decided to have dinner a little earlier than planned. Once at the restaurant we sat in the bar area, as requested by Mylan, because he wanted to watch the basketball game. We got cheese sticks for an appetizer and burgers for dinner. Mylan decided he was too old for the kids menu anymore so he ordered off the big boys menu. He wouldn't even touch the kids menu and crayons to play the games on it with me. After we ate we had time to waste until the movie so we played a few games in the arcade at the theater and a few rounds of air hockey. Mylan and I get a little loud and competitive when we play air hockey (we have a miniature air hockey table at home) so we attracted an audience while we played. I kicked his butt both times! Mylan even got a free "Hotel for Dogs" poster at the theater! The movie was really cute and funny. So we ate too much, laughed a lot and had a great time tonight...just the two of us.

Friday, January 16, 2009


In February my co-worker (Kelli) and I will be going to Manhattan, KS to volunteer our services for KMOM. I will be Dental Assisting and she will be doing Administration stuff. KMOM stands for Kansas Mission of Mercy. KMOM is a big event where $1 million dollars of free dental/medical services are provided for those who can not normally afford it. Dental fillings, pulling teeth and dental cleanings. People line up very early for this event and many people travel just to be there to receive these services. It will start as early as 5:30am so it makes for a very long day for everyone involved-patients and staff. Kelli and I will only be doing it for 6 hours on one day and then heading back home. We are both excited to be apart of the experience though. You can check out their website, blog and view pics and videos at:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Growing my hair out

For those of you who have ever had short hair and then tried to grow it out you know how awkward, irritating and ugly it feels. Well that's what I am doing and I am hating every minute of it.

This was my short hair cut. I loved it. I loved how easy it was to style and I loved how cute it was. I got compliments all the time on it. Now, who doesn't love a compliment!

Now I am trying to grow it out. I have attempted this once before but I didn't get very far. This time I have committed myself to do it all the way. No going back. I'll try it out long for a while and if I like then that's great. If I don't like it long then I can always cut it short again. That's the beauty of being a woman-I can have it either way.

So I will endure this irritating, awkward and ugly hair phase for a while.

Crazy thing is that as goofy as I feel...I am still getting compliments! So it can't be all that bad right?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Samaritan

Just trying to be a good Samaritan...
On my way home from church this evening (around 8:15pm-I was at a ladies church event) I noticed a lot of smoke coming out of the chimney of a house about two blocks from my house. I thought to myself, "Wow, that's an awful lot of smoke," and kept driving home. Then I thought that maybe I should go back and take another look so I turned around and pulled into their driveway. I realized that I wasn't going to be able to stop worrying about it if I didn't at least check on these people. Those of you who know me know how paranoid I am and that this is not a normal thing for me to do by knocking on some strangers door at night. So I left my car running with the head lights glaring right on me at their front door even though they had their porch lights on. Cell phone in hand, just in case, I cautiously knocked on their front door. I was worried so I began stretching my neck to see into their kitchen window. A woman came to the door and didn't look too happy because she saw me looking in their window. Hey, I wouldn't blame her! I immediately began explaining why I was at their door, "I am terribly sorry to bother you but I was driving by and I noticed a lot of smoke coming from your chimney so I turned around to check on you. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if I didn't at least check to see if there was a problem or not." She no longer looked irritated and explained that it was probably just the wood that they were burning. Then she stepped out onto the porch with me and looked up at the chimney and said, "Oh that is a lot of smoke. I'll have my husband check on that. Thank you so much for being so observant and concerned." I apologized again and told her it was no big deal. Then I went home. Five minutes later I hear sirens go by and I think a little prayer to myself for who ever those sirens are going to. I've made a habit of doing this anytime I hear or see emergency vehicles headed somewhere on a mission. A few minutes later Mylan and Larry get home from basketball practice and I tell them my story. Then they told me that those emergency vehicles were at the house I was talking about. Yikes! I am so glad I checked on them and I am so glad that I've made that habit to say a little prayer. Although, it may not have been the brightest idea to go to a strangers house , especially at night, I am glad that I did it tonight.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A few pics from basketball practice this morning

Larry poses as me...when I am sick

A few nights ago while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth I looked up to find Larry laying in bed pretending to be me when I am sick. You see when I have a runny nose I get tired of constantly blowing it while I am trying to sleep so I stuff tissue up my nose. Yeah, I know...gross.

Ha, ha! I look funny!

Lets flashback...

I was looking through all the pics I had on my computer and posted a few of my favorite ones.
A walk down memory lane.

My dad took these when I was visiting last year. I am faking it of course, but it looks like I am really digging for gold so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe me.

This is me and Mylan at Christmas 2004. Mylan is 4 years old, soon to be 5.

I made this super hero cape for Mylan when we first moved into our house in 2005. He loved it!

He would run around the house pretending to fly and sing, "Dah, dah, dah, daah! Mr. M!'

Super hero's need a little break once in a while too.

2005-One day Mylan stuffed a pillow into his shirt and ran around the house saying that he had a jiggly belly!

He'd sing, "Jiggly belly! Jiggly belly!" It was hilarious.

Halloween 2005-Mylan wore a dragon costume. He often wore it around the house and played in it.

2005-Mylan sticking Sissy's toe up his nose.

Christmas 2008-Grandpa David asleep. I should make this a future Christmas card one year and Darla's hat picture another year. Hee-Hee!

Halloween 2008-Me and Larry dressed as hippies. Wow, we look terrible!

2008-Mylan waiting until he is to go for catcher position. He looks tough in this picture like he means business.

In loving memory of Romo the hamster.
She lived a short but fun filled life with our family December 2007 to October 2008.
We will miss you Romo.

Me and my little bro's and sis's: Me, Shonda, Stephen, Rebecca, Michael. This is such a fun picture!

Mylan got to meet and get an autograph from Fred bird the St. Louis Cardinals mascot while attending a baseball camp in St Louis, MO 2008.

Me and my friend Libby at her wedding last year.
Congrats Libby and Jason!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basket ball season has begun

Mylan is now playing in a competitive basketball league through the YMCA. His team is called the Panthers. He knows most of his team mates because they were on his baseball team. Last weekend was their first tournament and they won both games!
Go Panthers!!
Here is a few random pictures I took during the games. Mylan is jersey number 2.

Mylan is in the middle running.

In this picture Mylan is helping his team mate, Jackson #20, up after falling.

Mylan running some more.

Mylan and his team making practice shots.

Fun with stickers!

Mylan decided to put some foam stickers on himself and walked around the house saying, "I'm so fashion!" What a goof ball. But I guess I am a goof ball too since he got me involved which isn't hard to do.