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Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Sunday School Pics

Krystal, Me and Aubrey

Matthew and Wyatt

Kayden, Joseph and Nathan

Kirsten, Krystal and Aubrey

Easter 2008

The Easter Bunny came to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Woody's house!

That sneaky Easter Bunny!

Mylan searched high...

and low.

Grandma Sue and Daddy help Mylan open all of his eggs to see what is inside.

Wow, looks like Mylan made out like a bandit!

Sunday School

This is most of my Sunday school class. Starting from left to right: Nathan, Noah, Wyatt, Aubrey, Kelly, Krystal, Jerrod. This picture is missing: Kayden, Ariel, Matthew, Joseph and Kirsten.

Happy 8th Birthday Mylan!!

Mylan had his 8th birthday party at the Thunder hockey game!

He was so excited to see that Mike and Shonda came. He loves to horse around with them!

During the party Shonda stole a few hugs! Mylan acts like he is grossed out in front of his friends, but secretly I know that he loves to get those hugs!

Every year, Mylan and his friends have made it a tradition to stick their faces in their cake plates. Why? I have no idea. The boys seem to think it's pretty hilarious!

Party animals! Shonda and Mike!

Looks like Shonda stole a kiss that time!

Mylan got lots of cool birthday gifts!

The boys had a blast at the hockey game!

They hooted and hollered...

They also held up signs for their team!

They even got their picture taken with Thunder Dog!

In the end I guess that it was just too much excitement for Steven...Zzzzz

While Steven slept through all the excitement, Mylan and Christopher cheered on!

Happy 8th Birthday Mylan!!

Christmas at Grandma's House 2007

Every year, usually Christmas Eve, we go to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Woody's house to get together with family.

Alisha was there...

This is my handsome hubby...

Grandma Jeanette, Sassy and Colt...

Grandpa Woody...

We all had a good time!

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007...Once Mylan has us woken up and wide awake. He rushes down stairs to see what Santa brought. First thing he checks in his stocking.

The first thing that he sees is the hamster that he asked Santa for! The cage is very cool! He named his hamster Romo, even though it's a girl hamster.

Mylan likes to hand out the Christmas gifts.

Say cheese Larry!

Mylan was so excited when he got the catchers gear that he wanted! Here he is hold up a shin guard.

Larry got some K-State house slippers, which he says to this day are the most comfortable slippers he's ever owned.

Mylan made the star for our tree! (Again sorry for the neck cramps.) We all got lots of fun things for Christmas and had a great time spending time with family!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I teach Youth Sunday School at my church. This the mural that has been in my classroom for years. It isn't even finished. Boring! So I had an idea. I wanted something bright, colorful, youthful and fun. I like graffiti art and the look and feeling of it. So I went on a search for someone that could complete this vision for me. I was beginning to think that I wouldn't find anyone until one day I took a wrong turn while driving. I drove past a church that had a bus parked in front of it. On the side of this bus was a graffiti mural that read "Big Faith". I was so excited about my find that I called the church and got the name of the person who did the mural for them. His name is Richard.

It took Richard 7 hours to complete the mural.

This is the completed mural. I LOVE IT!! So do my students!

Mylan's Annual Halloween Party 2007

Every year Mylan has his annual Halloween party. He tells me that all of his friends at school look forward to it all year long! Larry and Mylan dressed up as St. Louis Cardinals Baseball players.

I dressed up as a Doctor.

We make lots of delicious foods: Witches Brew Punch, Moldy Bones (Bread Sticks with Marinara Sauce), Skeleton Bones (White Chocolate dipped Pretzels), Monster Mud (A chocolate dessert), Gravestones (Cupcakes). Every year we try to mix it up with different foods than we had the year before. The kids love the weird foods and weird names for the foods.

We use our back room for the main party area. I only use decorations that are things that kids can see anywhere: Spiders, Webs, Pumpkins, Dark lighting. I don't like all of those "horror" Halloween decorations. I just don't want my kids around that, which is partly why I started this little "Annual Halloween Party" tradition, I can control some of my kids "Halloween Environment" and "ideas of Halloween". So far it's been a BIG HIT!!

This is the "Gross Feeling Bucket". The kids can basically use their imagination to what is in it. You know boy, they like the icky stuff. So I peel grape tomatoes for eye balls, cooked spaghetti noodles for intestines, cauliflower for brains and a little bit of vegetable oil to keep things a little slimy...use your imagination for whatever you want to put in the bucket.

I used boxes that I connected together with bunch of tape to make a dark tunnel for the kids to crawl through. I poked little holes along the top of the box tunnel and poked a string of orange lights down the tunnel. I also stapled spider webs and spiders along the inside of the box tunnel. I covered the outside of the box tunnel with black plastic tables clothes for visual appeal. I taped the box to the wall because I knew the kids would get wild, however, by the end of the night there wasn't any webs or spiders left inside the tunnel and the box was no longer attached to the wall!

We had lots of different characters at our party. (I am sorry about the neck cramps, but I couldn't figure out how to turn the photos upright).

Our guests included: An adorable Dumbo...

A cute Skeleton...

A very interesting character...

A Penguin...Actually we had two Penguins (brother and sister)...

And we also had several Spiderman's...

We always play the kids most favorite game: The Mummy game. The kids wrap each other in toilet paper! It's always a FUN MESS!!

The boys eventually found the table hockey game.

Every year the party is a big success! I love that Mylan can get some of his friends together and have a BLAST!