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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Mylan!!

Mylan had his 8th birthday party at the Thunder hockey game!

He was so excited to see that Mike and Shonda came. He loves to horse around with them!

During the party Shonda stole a few hugs! Mylan acts like he is grossed out in front of his friends, but secretly I know that he loves to get those hugs!

Every year, Mylan and his friends have made it a tradition to stick their faces in their cake plates. Why? I have no idea. The boys seem to think it's pretty hilarious!

Party animals! Shonda and Mike!

Looks like Shonda stole a kiss that time!

Mylan got lots of cool birthday gifts!

The boys had a blast at the hockey game!

They hooted and hollered...

They also held up signs for their team!

They even got their picture taken with Thunder Dog!

In the end I guess that it was just too much excitement for Steven...Zzzzz

While Steven slept through all the excitement, Mylan and Christopher cheered on!

Happy 8th Birthday Mylan!!

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