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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shame on you

This weekend my in-laws were passing through town. They stayed at a hotel. Larry and I stopped by their hotel for a short visit. On our way to their room Larry told me that they were staying in Room 325. So as I near their room I see that the door is cracked open. Since they were expecting us I assumed that they left it open for us. So I nudged the door open and started to walk in when I quickly realize that it was NOT their room. I saw a couple standing in the middle of the room in an intimate embrace just staring at me with wide eyes. I am sure my face was beat red with embarrassment! I quickly said, "Oh my god! I am so sorry!" I rushed out of the room, forgetting to shut the door, and ran after Larry who was already half way down the hallway! After I caught up with Larry I realized that he was laughing and I knew right away that he had told me the wrong room on purpose! Shame on you Larry! That was a dirty trick to play on me!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A day of Climbing fun!

Shonda and Mike belong to a climbing club so they invited Mylan and I to give it a try with them. We had a blast!
First, we practiced a little bit in the Bouldering room. This is Mike helping Mylan get the hang of it.
Now that Mylan has gotten the hang of it, he is willing to give it a try. At first he didn't get very far, but he got pretty far on his second try. About 25 feet!
He tried to give up a few times, but we just kept talking him up higher and higher! Finally he said, "Okay seriously guys, I'm ready to get down!" He was so proud of himself and so were we! Way to go Mylan!
I made it about 25 feet too! But I was really scared. Did I mention that I was really scared!

Friday, June 20, 2008

WSU Baseball Camp 2008

This year Mylan attended the WSU Baseball Camp with three of his team mates: Ethin, Jack and Kyler. The camp was a total of three days.

Mylan begin one of the drills... Quick feet!

He continues the drill as he tries to hurry and crawl under the bar. If he should knock that bar over, 10 secs will be added onto his time.

Mylan just finished the three sit ups...

Mylan finishes with the bear crawl! Good job Mylan!

Afterward camp was over the boys were aloud to get some autographs from the WSU baseball players!

Here is a nice picture of the boys all together!

Here is a picture of all of the boys posing with the WSU Baseball Coach Gene Stephenson!

On the way home from camp, Mylan appeared to be pretty pooped out!

Father's Day 2008

Mylan made a Father's Day card for Dad...

He also got Dad a picture card that plays a baseball song when you open it...

Mylan put together a photo of him and Dad together...

At first it appeared that Dad just got a box for a gift...

Turned out that Dad got some cool t-shirts!

Mylan saved the best for last. Mylan decided to get Dad an official Major League Baseball with a display case. The neat thing is that Mylan autographed the ball! Mylan said, "Dad says that he thinks that I am the greatest baseball player ever, so he'll like an autographed ball!" Dad's smile says it all!


This is little Garrett. He is two. He is also adorable! He is very distracting during the game because he is so cute! He was running around in his fire fighter hat saying, "I'm a fire fighter!" He speaks surprisingly well for his age.

The Jaguars won second place

Mylan, his team and Coach Bobby (the guy sitting at the bottom wearing black) are watching another team play.

Mylan's team, The Jaguars, won second place in a tournament!! Way to go boys!!
Here is Coach Bobby accepting the team trophy.

Mylan is showing off his trophy for the camera!

Group picture! Mylan is in the first row on the far right.

Silly Wiggle Worms

This is what my boys do while watching tv on a daily basis.

They start off just chilling out together all cozy and snuggled up...

Then Mylan starts making himself REALLY comfy...

Soon it appears that he has forgotten that Dad is even on the couch...

Dad never seems to care though...

Then all of a sudden they both get the giggles and start acting very silly!!

Mylan in action with the Jaguars 2008