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Friday, July 31, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I came across this poem that I wrote back in high school.

Paradise Lost

You are born into this world innocent and pure of quilt.
It is he who preys on those pure of heart.
Sin's are unknown,
But as you reach your top,
You can no longer see what's down below.
The lost innocence of those unmentioned.
Below are luscious green and yellow leaves fallen from the fall.
The sun in warm on your freckled cheeks
As your squish the creamy mud through your toes.
Each day the untold, unforgotten memories fade somewhere
In a dark space in the back corners of your mind.
In my new higher world.
They all rush by.
Blurs of faded colors.
Coming and going.
Taking only what they need or want.
Groveling pigs die of starvation of knowing
Hungary squawking vultures swoop.
Lost in the time zone of "Why?"

Ashlyne Taylor


This is Mylan's first year to play football. This week he is attending a football camp and on Friday is the draft. I am both excited and scared. I think Mylan will be pretty good at football but I also don't want my little man to get hurt.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manhattan Tournament

Last weekend we had a baseball tourney in Manhattan..."The Little Apple". Here are the snap shots from that trip. It was very, very hot! The boys lost but they played hard. The parents were very proud about how hard those boys tried despite the heat.

After each game both teams shake hands and say, "Good game."

Derby Parade

Mylan's baseball team was in the Derby City Parade. Here are snap shots I took during the parade. Pardon the blurry pics. My camera is on it's last leg.

That is Mylan standing up there on the truck.

There is Larry and Jason.

The boys said, "There she is! Get her!" Then they proceed to come after me with water guns.