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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching Up

Busy, busy!
Although the entire year is usually pretty busy for the Baker's summer is the busiest season of all for the Baker household. Our little guy keeps us hopping all year long with the many activities he is involved in. So besides being a wife, step-mother, housework, sleeping, eating, work and now working out, I have been pretty busy.
I try to keep up with my postings and keep you updated on all the happenings but sometimes other things just have a higher priority.
So...bear with me and I'll get to it eventually.

Father's Day

For Father's Day Mylan got Larry a gift certificate to a golf course and matching father-son golf shirts. They are planning to go golfing this Friday AM for a father-son Father's day outing! Mylan is very excited!


Meet Molly!
She is our friend's Kim and Brent's daughter.
We went to her t-ball game.
She plays for the Almost Angels.

My First BIG Concert!!

My friend Karon's husband some how got his hands on two free Michael Buble tickets through his job. Her husband ended up having to go to France for his job and wasn't able to go to the concert with her. So she asked me!! Unfortunately she had to cancel on me at the last minute due to her mother-in-law falling ill. However she told me to use the tickets and take someone else. Larry wasn't available to go so I chose to take my sister Shonda. We had a blast!! Shonda wasn't familiar with Michael Buble so I thought it'd be fun to take her and let her see why I liked him. Michael Buble has a gorgeous voice and although he's no George Clooney he isn't bad looking either. During the concert Shonda leaned over and said, "I see why you like him!" At first I wasn't going to take my camera because I didn't want to hassle with it but Shonda convinced me to take it anyway. Once Shonda discovered that I had the continuous shutter mode on my camera she went to town and took over 400 pictures! Wow! So here are some of them...

This is a picture of the stage from where we were sitting without zooming in at all. Although there were floor seats I still thought we had pretty good seats with a straight shot of the stage.

The opening act was a band called Naturally 7. I thought they were great and very cool! They used no instruments at all. They made all the instrument sounds with their mouths! Very cool!

Then there was Michael!!

Oh yeah! He's pointing at me!
Or at least that's what I want to believe anyway so don't burst my bubble!

Ugh! After seeing that dress on me in pictures I decided that I will not wear it again. I look pregnant. I thought it was a great find ($6 on a clearance rack in Target) I have learned that not all bargains are great. However, there is good news! #1 no one at the concert knew me so if they thought I was pregnant then it doesn't matter because they don't know me from Adam! #2 it was only $6!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Please bare with me.
I am attempting to change up my blog a bit but I have no idea what I am doing and it takes more time and patience than I am willing to give in one sitting.
So your patience will be appreciated.
Thank You.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Passing on the SPF Word

We live and we learn right?
Well I would like to pass on to you what I have learned about sun protection this weekend.
As you know, Last weekend I got myself a pretty good sun burn. At first I just thought it was just the regular sun burn that we all get once in a while. Turned out that I ended up sun burnt worse than I've ever been. Ouch! It was ugly. So I spoke with two friends of mine that just happen to be a doctor and a nurse to see what sort of sun protection they recommended. They said that off brand sunscreens generally aren't as good as name brands. They said sunscreen is just not one of those things you can be cheap about. They also told me that the bottle should say "broad spectrum UVA-UVB" and that you should look for "Avobenzone 3%" or higher.

This is the SPF that I used all last weekend...the enemy. It's an off brand and it said on the bottle everything they said it should say yet it still didn't work. I burnt to a near crisp on my left shoulder. This is not something I intend to do again.

This is what Doc Comer told me to use...my new best friend!

My lesson learned: Suck it up and don't be cheap when it comes to sunscreen!
Fork over the dollar bills or get burnt to a crisp and raise your risk of dying of skin cancer.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shonda LPN the Triage Nurse

Yesterday I went to visit my little sister, Shonda, at her new job. She used to work at a nursing home. She was always so tired and drained. She worked such crazy unpredictable hours. Now she works as the Triage nurse at an Adult Day Care Center! She got a raise too! The best way to describe her job is that she is like the "school nurse". I got to see her office with her own triage center in it! I also got to see her in action and all around her new work place! It was fun to watch MY little sister in action doing what she does best! Shonda has always been such a great caregiver with a huge heart and she does such a wonderful job at it! It made me so proud of her to see people coming to her with questions and concerns about different things! Shonda plans to continue school to get her RN soon.

What the Heck is that Noise?

I am a very picky hotel guest.
As soon as we walked into our hotel, The Clarion, I was NOT happy. It felt very humid, sticky and dirty. I didn't even want to walk barefoot in our room because the carpet didn't look clean to my liking. Sigh... I dealt with it though because we couldn't very well move our entire baseball team just because I wasn't happy.
The following morning, around 8 am, I wake up to a rustling sound. I sit up and it is dark in our room. Mylan is in the other bed sound asleep. Larry has gone to find breakfast for us. I grab my book light and I look around the room. I realize the rustling is coming from right next to me. On the chair next to our bed is our snack bag. I get up to turn on the lights. Mylan is still asleep. I peer into the bag and notice my bag of saltines is moving! I LOVE my saltines! I grab the phone and I call the front desk, "You need to get someone to my room RIGHT NOW!" The lady says, "Oh do you need a towel or something?" I say, "No I don't need a towel! There is some kind of creature in my bag and you need to get someone in here NOW because I am NOT touching it!" I was kind of mean but give me a break it was 8 am and I was awakened by something nasty in my bag in our nasty hotel room!! They were taking too long in my opinion so I turned over the ottoman to get to the chair (Mylan is awake now and laughing at me) where the creature is in my bag. I grab the bag to try and get it to the hallway for the employee to see. I didn't want it getting out in our room. Just as I grab the bag...a MOUSE comes barreling out of my bag and runs off!! A mouse! In our nasty hotel room! Am I surprised? No. By now the employee is knocking on our door. I am pissed! I open the door and he says ever so kindly, "How can I help you?" I stand there pissed, half awake and a little freaked out and stare at him saying, "THERE IS A FRICKIN RATATOUILLE IN OUR ROOM!" He says, "A rat-a-what?" I say, "Ratatouille! It's a cartoon movie about a rat. We have a mouse in our room!" He says, "Oh I have a 4 yr old but I haven't seen that one yet." I say, "Well if you have a 4 yr old you will eventually." I explain the situation. He says, "Should I look for it?" I say, "What for?! You'll never find it!" He says "What do you want me to do then?" I say, "I want a different room...higher up. I don't know that it makes any difference to the mice if we are in a higher up room but it'll make me feel better." So we move to the second floor. The room still sucked but I felt better. Hours later we still hadn't heard from anyone in management so I sought her out myself. In the end we got our room comped. Then in our new room the bath tub drained very very sloooooowly. Sigh. In our friends room the A/C didn't work. Later our other friends discover that the A/C compressor exploded and sprayed oil all over their vehicle. Sigh...my advice...don't stay at the Clarion in Manhattan.

June 11, 2010

This picture was an accident. I caught Jackson in the corner of my picture jumping to catch a ball at 1st.

Dan shows me his muscles! Silly Dan!

Brady is so adorable! He wants to be a ball player just like big brother! He even has his own bat bag with all the necessary equipment...notice the sippy cup in the bat bag!!

Mylan Pitches!!

Mylan finally got the chance to pitch for the first time! Am I just a little bit proud? Heck yeah I am! He did an awesome job!!