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Saturday, January 19, 2008

You'd have to be there

Mylan sometimes says the funniest things when we least expect it. The things he says are just so innocent yet hilarious! Here are a few things he said today:

At Jonny Corinos for dinner, talking about the characters on the kids tv show 'Drake and Josh':
"Well Josh is just fat and Drake is the good looking one..." He is so innocent that he doesn't realize the things he is saying.

Out of the blue, as we were riding in the car on our way home from dinner:
"Oh man! My underwear are just way up there in my butt!"

He says the funniest things sometimes! You'd have to be there to understand.

Getting Old

Well, it's official...I am getting old. I saw the eye doctor the other day because I feel like I can't see as well at night when I am driving. So I am getting glasses. Okay, so I'm not old. I was just kidding. My eyes aren't that bad at all, but the doc prescribed a script for glasses that will just help to make things look sharper for me. All I know, is that it'll make me feel better when driving at night and it'll probably make my husband feel better too.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Family Games

Our family plays a lot of games. We enjoy the family time together. Sometimes we make up silly games. Mylan has one of those little basketball hoops that hang on the door and a little basketball to go with it, he plays with it all the time. They glow in the dark. Tonight we made up a game of 'Hide and Glow'. We used Mylan's glow in the dark basketball. The rules: You need a flashlight and need to make the entire house dark. Next you need to hope that the neighbors don't call the police because they think someone is robbing your house. Since we had three players, one of us took the flashlight to place the glow in the dark ball somewhere around the house, while the other two stand in the kitchen so that they can't see where you are going. Remember the lights have to stay off the entire time. The person hiding the ball can not cover the ball up in anyway. Then once the ball is hidden, the other two take the flashlight and try to find the ball in the dark. Remember that as long as the flashlight is on you will not be able to see the glowing ball.

We also played catch with the glowing ball in the dark. It was fun! It's not easy to catch a glowing ball in the pitch dark.

Sometimes we play the "What if" game at dinner time. We take turns asking each other "what if" questions. Mylan likes to ask Larry sports questions like, "What if you could have dinner with the entire St. Louis Cardinals team or the jeep you always wanted?" It's fun!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh the dreaded "to-do list"

Ah, the dreaded homeowners "to-do" list. The list goes on and on...
There are so many things that we want to get done to our home. Every day I look around and see the list all around me. I try not to think about that list. However, I can't wait to get the things on that list done. Our home will look and feel so much better!

Larry and I have been talking about having a baby in the next couple of years. First, we would like to get somethings paid down. So, in order to do that I have taken on a second job. I am 28 and Larry is going to be 35 soon. This is not the ideal age that either of us would like to be when we make this life changing decision but life never goes exactly as we plan. The decision to have a baby did not come lightly for me. I have thought and prayed hard about it for quite a while. I wanted to be sure that it wasn't just some "selfish want" type of decision. The fact that I have even come to a decision doesn't mean that it will happen either. People try to have a baby all the time and sometimes it doesn't happen. It's all in God's hands.

At the beginning of every year everyone always says, "So what's your new years resolution?" I didn't make any new years resolutions. I decided that since I don't ever keep them that there is no point in making any. I do have my self improvement list though. It's always stored away in my head: to take better are of myself eating/exercise, to work on my communication skills, to work on being more patient, to work on my house keeping skills (this excludes cooking)...to be a better person over all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!!

Wow! Where did 2007 go?! It all went by so fast! I'll give ya a little recap of 2007 for my family.

Mylan has been a busy little bee with his love of sports. He has gone to several sports camps through out the year where he learned some new skills to improve his game. He is one competitive kid for such a little guy. He got the opportunity to play on a scrimmage team with some older boys. The older boys took Mylan right under their wing and gave him pointers on how to improve some of his skills. Mylan's favorite position to play is catcher. It amazes me to watch him playing the catcher position because I can see just how much he loves it. While I am sitting in the stands with the other moms, sweating our butts off and complaining about it, my little guy is out there working so hard. He wears all of his catchers gear, plays hard, tries his hardest and when he heads into the dugout and takes off that helmet he is dripping with sweat. Yet, inning after inning he gets right back out there giving it his all. He is a very determined little boy.

Larry has been pretty busy too. Larry and Mylan practice baseball all the time. Rain or shine...they are practicing. Sometimes indoors and sometimes outdoors. What can I say...my boys love their sports.

Now don't forget about the "sports moms"...um that's me...we do a lot of work too. I mean we do some chauffeuring back and forth, bring the ice chest full of drinks and snacks to keep our boys strong and hydrated, and don't forget cheering our boys on. That cheering part, that's a tough job. Actually it's quite fun! I really enjoy watching my boys do what they love. I am still teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Sunday school. I love it! The kids can be a challenge sometimes but it all works out at the end of the day. I am now working two jobs...Bath and Body and the dental job. It's hard work, but I enjoy it. Larry and I want to get some things paid off and he couldn't very well get a second job with as many hours as he already works, so I did.

Larry and I are both involved in a ministry at our church called Angel Food Ministries. It is a ministry that provides food for a lot lower cost than in grocery stores. People place their order throughout the month and once a month we distribute the food through our church.

So...it's 2008. On to another busy year!