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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunny days

A fun day at the park with my boys!

Mylan always seems ready for the camera...look at that gorgeous smile!

There's that smile again!

Mylan's favorite toy at the park is the "spider web".

Mylan and Larry had a race to see who could get to the top faster.

As you can see, Larry won!

After the park, we went on a nature walk and learned a few things...

Don't forget about me...always the one behind the camera.


This is me and my mother.

My friend

This is my friend Libby.
We met at Butler Community College Chemistry class.
She just got married May 10th!
Isn't she beautiful?!
Congrats Libby and Jason!

Mylan's Hamster

This is Romo the hamster. Mylan got her from Santa Claus for Christmas 2007. Isn't she cute?!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Road trip to Texas


My road trip buddy/little sis, Shonda!

This is Shonda and Dave! Dave is the rubber seal that began to come off during our road trip. Dave was a real pain in the neck - constantly knocking on the window! We eventually got some tape at a gas station which temporarily kept Dave quiet.

And this is me!

On the way to Texas we encountered one of the nastiest bathrooms EVER!
Talk about having to do some major hovering...ladies you know what I mean! Hey when you've gotta go, you've gotta go.

Umm, yes that is what you think it is next to the toilet! Gross!

Left to Right:
Michael (my lil'bro), Neva (my step-mom), Stephen (my lil'bro), Dad, Rebecca (my lil'sis), me, Shonda (my lil'sis). The only one missing is my other lil'bro Nathaniel.

While we were in Texas, we had a lot of fun in the pool!

We had fun at the park!

Silly Dad!


Me and my little brothers Michael and Stephen!

Me and my little sister Rebecca!

Me and my other little sister Shonda (my road trip buddy)!

Rebecca, Shonda, Stephen and Michael.

Michael is so adorable!

There was massive, disgusting stick bugs in Texas! Gross!

Silly boys!

Me and my lil'bro.

Squeezing in for a morning snuggle!

On our way back home we saw this cool statue and decided to stop.

I had fun on our road trip!