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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shonda LPN the Triage Nurse

Yesterday I went to visit my little sister, Shonda, at her new job. She used to work at a nursing home. She was always so tired and drained. She worked such crazy unpredictable hours. Now she works as the Triage nurse at an Adult Day Care Center! She got a raise too! The best way to describe her job is that she is like the "school nurse". I got to see her office with her own triage center in it! I also got to see her in action and all around her new work place! It was fun to watch MY little sister in action doing what she does best! Shonda has always been such a great caregiver with a huge heart and she does such a wonderful job at it! It made me so proud of her to see people coming to her with questions and concerns about different things! Shonda plans to continue school to get her RN soon.

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