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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What the Heck is that Noise?

I am a very picky hotel guest.
As soon as we walked into our hotel, The Clarion, I was NOT happy. It felt very humid, sticky and dirty. I didn't even want to walk barefoot in our room because the carpet didn't look clean to my liking. Sigh... I dealt with it though because we couldn't very well move our entire baseball team just because I wasn't happy.
The following morning, around 8 am, I wake up to a rustling sound. I sit up and it is dark in our room. Mylan is in the other bed sound asleep. Larry has gone to find breakfast for us. I grab my book light and I look around the room. I realize the rustling is coming from right next to me. On the chair next to our bed is our snack bag. I get up to turn on the lights. Mylan is still asleep. I peer into the bag and notice my bag of saltines is moving! I LOVE my saltines! I grab the phone and I call the front desk, "You need to get someone to my room RIGHT NOW!" The lady says, "Oh do you need a towel or something?" I say, "No I don't need a towel! There is some kind of creature in my bag and you need to get someone in here NOW because I am NOT touching it!" I was kind of mean but give me a break it was 8 am and I was awakened by something nasty in my bag in our nasty hotel room!! They were taking too long in my opinion so I turned over the ottoman to get to the chair (Mylan is awake now and laughing at me) where the creature is in my bag. I grab the bag to try and get it to the hallway for the employee to see. I didn't want it getting out in our room. Just as I grab the bag...a MOUSE comes barreling out of my bag and runs off!! A mouse! In our nasty hotel room! Am I surprised? No. By now the employee is knocking on our door. I am pissed! I open the door and he says ever so kindly, "How can I help you?" I stand there pissed, half awake and a little freaked out and stare at him saying, "THERE IS A FRICKIN RATATOUILLE IN OUR ROOM!" He says, "A rat-a-what?" I say, "Ratatouille! It's a cartoon movie about a rat. We have a mouse in our room!" He says, "Oh I have a 4 yr old but I haven't seen that one yet." I say, "Well if you have a 4 yr old you will eventually." I explain the situation. He says, "Should I look for it?" I say, "What for?! You'll never find it!" He says "What do you want me to do then?" I say, "I want a different room...higher up. I don't know that it makes any difference to the mice if we are in a higher up room but it'll make me feel better." So we move to the second floor. The room still sucked but I felt better. Hours later we still hadn't heard from anyone in management so I sought her out myself. In the end we got our room comped. Then in our new room the bath tub drained very very sloooooowly. Sigh. In our friends room the A/C didn't work. Later our other friends discover that the A/C compressor exploded and sprayed oil all over their vehicle. Sigh...my advice...don't stay at the Clarion in Manhattan.

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