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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sun Hates Me

While we were in Manhattan I got a pretty bad sun burn. I think the sun has it out for me. I was looking forward to getting a little sun on my Casper white skin so I prepared with my ball cap, a tank top, shorts and SPF 50. You would think SPF 50 would be sufficient especially when you are putting it on constantly through out the day. Larry likes to say that I am a "sunblock freak". I don't know if I'd go that far but I am big about sun protection only because I burn so easily anymore. So after spending all day in the sun and applying my SPF 50 I still got burnt! Good grief! What do I have to do? Wear a space suit? Sigh...oh well. I just can't seem to win. SPF 100 anyone?

This is my shoulder a week after the initial sun burn. Ick! My RN friend, Patty, says it looks like a 2nd degree burn. For those of you who don't know, she also told me, you can't get away with using the cheap name brands or off brands (which is what I used). She told me that sun protection isn't something you skimp on and to use SPF with zinc oxide in it. I never knew that. Larry keeps looking at it and grimacing. He reminded me this AM about the time I got sun poisoning and got what we call "fish head". It's really quite funny! Years back we spent the day at the lake with some friends. We had a great time boating and wake boarding! Did I get sun burnt? No! I got sun poisoning! Who has ever even heard of such a thing? Not me! My doctor told me that it was simply sun poisoning...too much sun. She suggested I should've worn a hat to cover my face. You see... my forehead swelled up really bad. I looked like some kind of alien or fish! Embarrassing and gross!

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