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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First BIG Concert!!

My friend Karon's husband some how got his hands on two free Michael Buble tickets through his job. Her husband ended up having to go to France for his job and wasn't able to go to the concert with her. So she asked me!! Unfortunately she had to cancel on me at the last minute due to her mother-in-law falling ill. However she told me to use the tickets and take someone else. Larry wasn't available to go so I chose to take my sister Shonda. We had a blast!! Shonda wasn't familiar with Michael Buble so I thought it'd be fun to take her and let her see why I liked him. Michael Buble has a gorgeous voice and although he's no George Clooney he isn't bad looking either. During the concert Shonda leaned over and said, "I see why you like him!" At first I wasn't going to take my camera because I didn't want to hassle with it but Shonda convinced me to take it anyway. Once Shonda discovered that I had the continuous shutter mode on my camera she went to town and took over 400 pictures! Wow! So here are some of them...

This is a picture of the stage from where we were sitting without zooming in at all. Although there were floor seats I still thought we had pretty good seats with a straight shot of the stage.

The opening act was a band called Naturally 7. I thought they were great and very cool! They used no instruments at all. They made all the instrument sounds with their mouths! Very cool!

Then there was Michael!!

Oh yeah! He's pointing at me!
Or at least that's what I want to believe anyway so don't burst my bubble!

Ugh! After seeing that dress on me in pictures I decided that I will not wear it again. I look pregnant. I thought it was a great find ($6 on a clearance rack in Target) I have learned that not all bargains are great. However, there is good news! #1 no one at the concert knew me so if they thought I was pregnant then it doesn't matter because they don't know me from Adam! #2 it was only $6!

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Rebecca said...

GREAT PHOTOS!!!!! Looks like it was an awesome concert! I'm amazed at how clear the pictures are of Michael and the others. I'm stealing that camera!