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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Manhattan Tournament June 2010

Random pics from last weekend out of town tournament...

Coach Jason and Coach Brian

Brett protecting the base

Momma Nelson and son Brady

Mylan mid-run

Mylan asleep on the way home

Nelson paparazzi

Ruby and Rylan

Julie, Amy and Gina

Old Lady Werbin and Old Man Werbin
Karon and Jamie

Brady loving his Twizzlers
A willow tree by the lake

Brenda and Mark
Derrick and Mylan's mom Becky

Denise and The Syring's Gma


Jayden slides

Kyler slides home

The only plus about the hotel we stayed at

Rylan keeps cool

Rylan in the park

Trace and Ian goofing off in the bathroom... silly boys!

Silly Ian!

Tired Jamie?

Ian lost his front teeth

Ian's apple

Fans in the stands

Coach Brian, Coach Jason and Coach Bill

Brett slides home

Our little angel sleeps

Mylan sleeping on the way to Manhattan

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