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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sometimes I get a wild hair and just dive into some kind of project. Today while at Lowes I decided to check out paint colors. There is plenty that needs painting around our house and it's been on my mind for a while. The hardest part is just making the final colors decisions. I watch a lot of HGTV and I do a lot of dreaming about these kinds of things. Home project lists are a never ending thing. Every home owner knows that.

Possible master bathroom paint colors. Laura Ashley colors: Wintergreen Ash, Green River, Spruce Frost, Jade Bath. I am going for an antique look. I also want it too look and feel fresh and clean. I love the look of old decorative mirrors on the wall, milk glass, turquoise glass, white accents, crackle paint...that type of thing. These colors make me think of that type of look.

In our bedroom I want earthy tones. I think those tons feel comforting and relaxing. I am leaning more towards the blues, however, I like greens and brown also.
So I found three choices that I like.
Choice one: Waverly Home Classics: Blue Sail and Soft Camel. I have seen many bed clothes with these colors in them that I like. I would paint the walls Blue Sail and do decorative stuff in Soft Camel such as the window dressings and whatever...

Choice two: Martha Stewart Colors: Cake Stand Blue.
This is a very pale almost white with bluish tint color. I would do brown and white accents in the room with this wall color. But I think I'll throw this color out...don't think I'm feeling it.

Choice three: I have chosen lots of green tones to choose from.

Choice four: I have chosen a color from Valspar Seaside Retreat called Light Khaki. I would paint the walls this color and pull all of my other colors into the room however I chose with accents from the bed clothes, window dressings and decorative things.


The outside of the house desperately needs painted. Larry has worked out a deal with his friend who plans to paint it for us once we purchase the paint and supplies needed.
I've already known for awhile what colors I wanted for the exterior of the house.
Valspar Colors:
The trim of the house will be Gilded Linen (a creamy white).
The shutters on the windows will be Lincoln Cottage Black (Grayish black).
The house will be Filoli Carriage House (a brownish tan).

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