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Sunday, February 1, 2009

To Do...To Do...

Oh the dreaded housework...again! Why, why is it never ending? It's like a nightmare that you just can't wake up from! Scream!
Sometimes Friday's (if I don't work at BBW) are my housework days and sometimes Sunday's are. Since I didn't get much done on Friday it looks like Sunday is my dreaded housework day. Eek! Unfortunately Sunday has arrived. Sigh!
We all have our normal everyday rooms that has the highest traffic areas and we tend to spend most of our time cleaning those rooms the most a.k.a. the rooms guests will see. Such as the kitchen, entry way, guest bathroom or living room. Other areas of the house tend to get neglected more such as the bedrooms, hallway, upstairs bathrooms, office or basement. However, my ENTIRE house is a mess. It seems like I clean up every week in those high traffic areas and then neglect it throughout the week and it just gets messed up again so the whole cycle starts all over. So I plan to begin the clean up process again today. Since it's Super Bowl Sunday and the boys will be out of the house later this afternoon I can probably get a little more work done with them out of the way.
Wish me luck!

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