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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mylan's 9th Birthday Party

This year for Mylan's 9th birthday his mom (Becky) threw his party at a local pizza place and then we all went back to her house for cake and presents. Mylan got to have four friends (that's five boys total) spent the night! Christopher, Bo, Stephen and Drake. Brave Becky. I hope she has 911 on speed dial!
These are the snap shots that I took.

Drake, Mylan and Stephen.

A little spit won't hurt anyone right?!

It's become a tradition that Mylan and his friends splat themselves in the face with their cake! Why? I have no idea! Hey, their boys, what can I say!

Mylan, Bo, Stephen.

Later the boys got a firm talking to from Mylan's mom about "house rules" because the boys were getting too rowdy. It was humorous to see all the boys sitting there trying o be serious during this little chat.

That didn't last long...

Happy 9th Birthday Mylan!

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