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Friday, February 6, 2009

Stupid Allergies...

Those darn allergies! Who needs them anyway! I can thank my mothers side of the family for these stupid allergies. Yuck!
I tend to have my allergy problems around Spring and Fall. My two favorite seasons! Those darn allergies try to come in and ruin it for me. If you suffer from allergies then you know what I mean. Red/chapped nose, constantly runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes, a cough and puffy face...it's the pits. You look like you've got a cold but you don't. Being in the health care profession I constantly get patients asking me, "You're not sick are you?" or "Are you okay?" I reassure them that I'm not sick and that it's just allergies and that yes I am okay. However, all they see is my red nose and watery eyes.
When we are working on a patient I can't sit there and sniff and cough the entire time so for my cough I dose up on cough syrup which always makes me tired and for my sniffles I stuff cotton rolls up my nose underneath my mask. What really bites is when I sneeze in my mask - now that's really gross!
Yikes, I must look frightening!

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