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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tea Party and Fashion Show

On Saturday I went to a tea and fashion show with my mother-in-law, Sue. She also invited her mother for mother's day. The tea and fashion show was put on by Sue's IAAP group from work. Larry and I like to tease her and call the group her "AARP" group!! I only got pictures of the tea party though because Sue and I were in the fashion show together. We modeled outfits that were borrowed from the Dress Barn. We learned all about the different types of tea. Did you know that red tea and green tea are the best teas to drink if you are drinking it for the health benefits? It's true. Also, red tea isn't actually a tea because it has none of the tea plant in it. It actually comes from a bush called a "red bush". That's all I can remember about that though. We also learned the proper tea party etiquette and where the whole tea party thing came from. The tea was a lot of fun and so was the fashion show until I walked in front of everyone and all eyes were on MY outfit! I HATE being the center of attention and all eye are on me!! Yikes!
Here are my pics in random order...

This was our table...each table was set up different.

This was my favorite table...I love blue glass.

These two little girls were so cute in their little outfits.
The one on the left won for best outfit for kids!

Sue and Grandma J

Sue chatting up her table

One of the little waiters. They were so professional and cute.

One of my fave tea cups and saucer

These three ladies joined us at our table. They wore fun little tea party hats.
The woman on the left won the best outfit for the adults.

One of my favorite tea pots

Our finger foods...there were 3 courses

Another one of my favorite tea cups and saucer

This table was lacking in decor, boring

Some of the waiters

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