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Friday, May 7, 2010

Pieces of Mylan

Mylan is such a cool kid! Gotta love him!
I was in his room the other day vacuuming and I was looking around at his room.

This is his picture he made of himself swimming.
He made it several years ago.

Anyone who knows Mylan knows he is really into sports just like his dad. This is some of his trophies and other sports memorabilia. That wooden box is one of his many "treasure boxes". When he was really into pirates he has this thing for "treasure boxes".

Tony Romo

I was not happy when I found this a few months ago. You see, I have a bag of toys that I keep hidden away of some of his toys that he played with when he was little. This car was in it. However, some how Mylan got a hold of it and tore the stickers off and drew on it. Oh well, what do I do. I should've had them hidden in my closet instead of his huh.

In our backroom Mylan like to make his own miniature ball field.
Here is a sign he made from a box.

More ball field decor...

This is the outfield...

Mylan's picture he drew of Larry years ago

Mylan climbs on Larry like he is a jungle gym!!

Mylan has always been a pretty clean and organized kid. When he was 2 he wouldn't stick his hands in his little cake like most kids would do. Instead he wanted a bib and a fork! LOL! He was only 2!!!
In his room he labeled his dresser drawers.
I found this one funny! Instead of it reading mesh shorts he wrote mess shorts! Cute!

This is my favorite present from Mylan.
He gave it to me for Valentines Day years ago.

His hand print

Mylan's giant photo of him with one of the Harlem Globe Trotters.
He's proud of that.

Mylan's dresser.
That wooden box is one of his "treasure boxes" as well and the tin lunch pail.
Inside are usually baseball cards.

He has baseball card EVERYWHERE

This drives me bonkers. It doesn't matter how many times I tell him, I still find his dirty laundry everywhere...in his closet floor, behind his toy box, under the bed....boys!

One of his many sports posters

One day Larry found this box of balls in Mylan's closet. If you look closer, several of them are autographed...

By Mylan himself! Silly boy!

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