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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Cat Fireworks

Every year Mylan's baseball team works a Black Cats fireworks stand to raise money for the ball team. Parents can work as many hours as they choose to earn back some of the money they've spent during the baseball season. It's very hard, dirty and tiring work so please be patient and kind to those who are working the next time you purchase fireworks from a stand like ours. Saturday we attended a fireworks display put on by Black Cat in order to see some of the items we will be selling. I've never taken pictures of fireworks before but here are the ones I liked best. They didn't turned out the way I would've liked but they're still pretty.

I won a door prize...a LARGE size Black Cat Fireworks shirt. They were also giving away cases of energy drinks which I don't understand but no one asked me anyway. The team was teasing me and saying that I am expected to wear it while working at the stand! Sorry you guys but you'll be disappointed!

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hsparent said...

You look so pretty!