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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas at the Office

Every year my boss asks us girls what we'd like for Christmas. He always wants a list of at least three items. He isn't a fan of giving gift cards. In the years past I've asked for a vacuum cleaner, a purse, a watch, a spa treatment... This year I asked for a Shark Steam Mop or a laundry rack for my laundry room. He was kind enough to get me both!! Some people have said that they think it's a little strange to ask for items to help with household chores but hey that's just me. I like to clean...when it's not a hassle. Those items help to make those chores less of a hassle!

This is the before picture of my laundry room...

And the after picture!

Before my awesome laundry rack I had to stand on my tiptoes in order to reach the puny little clothes rack and hang clothes off of my folding table. Not anymore!!!


Here is my old mopping method...a Swiffer with a wet rag on the end of it that I wiped on the floor as I sprayed the floor down with a squirt bottle of water. If there was a stick spill or a scuff mark I'd have to get down and scrub it out with my hands because this method didn't scrub things out very well. Occasionally I would get down on my hands and knees to clean the floors a little more thoroughly.
But not anymore!!

We have wood flooring in our house which has always been a little difficult to clean since I can't soak them with too much water or use chemicals on them. With the Shark Steam Mop it's so much easier! Plus, the floors look and feel cleaner to me as wall as dry instantly! No more having to make sure no one steps on the wet floors til they're dry. Also, to see and hear the steam coming from the mop I feel as if the floors are being cleaned much better. There is something about hot water that makes a person feel like something is being cleaned better. Whether it's true or not doesn't matter because they feel and look cleaner to me.
If Mama is happy...Everyone is happy!!

This Mama is happy!!

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Mary Q Contrarie said...

that clothes drying rack is a great gift. I wish all bosses were so considerate to get people something they want or need. My boss got everybody a $10 gift certificate to HIS favorite restaurant. It did not win him a lot of points.