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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ah...One Day...

Ah...The joys of being a home owner. Grr!

I was walking around the house today trying to get motivated to take down the Christmas decor. Yeah, yeah...I know it's January 8th 2011! Give me a break okay! So as I was walking around the house I began to dream about all the home improvements we plan to do one day. Ugh! Expensive home improvements. Nobody ever said being a home owner would be cheap. We bought a fixer-upper.

So this is what I was dreaming about (Please excuse the mess. I never did get motivated to remove the Christmas decor)...

We have two living rooms.
Yes, I said two. I have no idea why but we do.
This is the living room we use. See that wall with the spiral on it? One day we plan to remove that wall to make one big living room space. Ah, I can't wait! It'll be a ways down the road before we do that though because it'll definatly be expensive plus we have other things that are higher on our priority list that must be done first. So I suppose you're wonder what is on the other side of that wall huh?

Well here it is...the second living room.

This room is a room that we don't use. We let Mylan use it to play in. Believe me he gets plenty of use out of it! He in constantly building things and drawing things. It's the one room of the house that I could care less if he makes a mess of it. It's pretty much HIS room. For now anyways.

The only issue we'd have to address is the "header" we have in the second living room (not sure what to call that so we'll just call it a "header"). It has ventilation in it so we aren't yet sure what can be done with that. This will determine whether or not we can simply remove the wall completely or if we will have to leave that header there and make the wall an arched wall. If we have to make the wall an arched wall instead of removing it completely then we plan to match the arch to the one we have in the dinning room above the bar.

A big plus to opening the wall up would be the fireplace that we'd finally be able to use once we get it relined and cleaned!

When we open the wall we haven't yet decided whether or not we should remove this coat closet that is attached to the wall. Our neighbor across the street did it when they opened their wall up. However they made it into a sort of half wall type of thing instead. Not yet sure what we'll do. I wouldn't really miss it though if we did remove it.

Before we ever attempt to open up that wall we must first replace all the windows in the house. The windows are all the original windows. The house was build in the 70's. As soon as we moved in (5 years ago) we replaced the biggest and draftiest window in the house which was the picture window in the living room. Next on our list is the windows in Mylan's room and then all the rest. We like to use Window World for our window purchases. This is an ongoing project...a few windows at a time.

Up next would be our front doors. Not only are they slightly drafty (Larry insulated them so they aren't so bad anymore) but they are ugly and cheap. I hate them. We plan to replace them with a single front door with the long windows all around the door. Ooo! I can't wait!!

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