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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm 31!! Yippee!

I turned 31 on January 21st! Among my awesome cards my two favorite gifts were from Larry/Mylan and Shonda!

Shonda gave me a pair of gloves and a scarf I wanted! The gloves are perfect for photographing on chilly days! Her friend, Laura, knits and makes a lot of cool stuff. She sells her creations online as well as at one local store (so far). I will have to look up her online store and make a new post about it in the future so that you can see all of her great creations!

Larry and Mylan surprised me with a purse that I wanted! It's called a Miche Bag.
It's really a neat concept! It's a purse that you can interchange the shell of in order to achieve many different looks without having to transfer everything from one purse to the other all the time. Larry and Mylan made a great choice by making my first Miche a black one. Black is a great starting point as any woman would agree.

This is the shell and the insert side by side...

Here is the purse all put together! The insert is held in place with strong magnets.

There are mini, small and big bags. I have the big bag. Plenty of room for all my junk.
Not to mention all of Larry and Mylan's junk which often ends up in my purse too! LOL!

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