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Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Yippee!

I always love it when it's a new year! Why? Because it's a new year, a fresh start and it means another birthday which means another year older! Yippee! I love getting older! Who would want to stay the same age all their life anyways? It makes no sense. I had a little bit of a hard time with 30 at first but I got the hang of it.

2010 gave me a small gift that I would like to return....10lbs. Ick! So I am determined to get rid of it. My plan? Well I've already quit drinking Coke-a-Cola on a daily basis. I drink it once in a while but not anywhere near like I did before. It was tough to quit. I had caffeine withdrawls of course but with Larry's patience I got through it. My next step is to excersise. Ugh! I am not a morning person nor am I athletic so this is going to take some effort and disapline along with the guidance of Jillian Michaels. I am going to have to get up in the AM and do the work out otherwise it'll never get done.

Wish me luck!!

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