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Monday, September 3, 2007

Mylan calls me out

Today we had baseball practice. I really don't like to get outside in the dirt and heat and practice baseball but I go with minimal complaining because Mylan loves it when I do. We played catch (I throw horrible. My aim is way off), the boys played soft toss, Mylan played catchers position while Larry pitched, then Mylan hit while I played out field, then Larry tried me out in pitching so that he could watch Mylan's swing timing better. My pitching only frustrated everyone because I can't aim right and I was so afraid that I'd hit Mylan with the ball. So that was the end of that. Then we did Mylan's favorite activity. He plays catchers position while Larry stands at shortstop and I stand at third base. Larry drops the ball which symbolizes that the ball has been hit. I take off running while Larry throws it to Mylan and he has to tag me out. Although it is his favorite activity, it is my least favorite. Larry would ask him if he wanted to stop and I would nod "YES, YES!" and Mylan would say, "No" and then says to me, "Your just being lazy." So I've been called out. He caught me, I'm lazy! It was funny to hear him say it though.

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