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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Busy Saturday

This morning our little guy woke me up at 6 am! Eek! I am NOT a morning person! Especially at 6 am on a Saturday morning! I woke up to these little hands feeling around in the dark and a little voice saying, "Daddy?" I reminded him that Daddy had to work this morning and asked what he needed. He told me that he didn't feel good. I suggested that he try to go back to sleep. So he crawled into bed with me. Not even five minutes goes by and he tells me again that he does not feel well. Then he takes off running to the bathroom. Half asleep I try to find my way into the bathroom to check on him. I find him sitting on his step stool with his head over the toilet. I ask him what his tummy feels like and he tells me that he just thinks that he is hungry. That would make sense because he didn't eat much of his dinner the night before. So I make him some peanut butter toast and a glass of ice water (I wasn't going to risk him throwing up his usual glass of milk. Yuck!). So he curls up in a blanket at the coffee table and eats his toast with no problem at all and watches cartoons. I go back to sleep for another hour and wake up to hear him running at full speed into the bedroom (I figure he must be feeling better.) asking if he can play '2K7 MLB' or some thing like that (an XBox360 game).

Later, we head out for his soccer game. Although he can't participate in the game he still wore his jersey and went out to support his team. His mom is one of the assistant coaches, so he ended up helping her coach leaving me to sit all alone on the bench. But I didn't mind, it's all a part of being the fabulous step-mom that I am. Not to toot my own horn or anything!

Then it was time to go to my hubby's yearly work picnic which was being held at the zoo this year! We had a lot of fun! I love to go to the zoo! It brings out the kid in me I guess. It's probably a sight to see me and the little guy running ahead of my hubby to the next site. We can't help it, we are just so excited to see what's next! It was a bummer that I forgot my camera though because we saw lots of cool animals doing lots of cute things! Luckily I got two pictures on my camera phone just before the battery went dead. Oops, I am terrible about charging that thing up.
The hippos were huge! Although, the sign read "Don't feed the animals!", a little girl gave the hippos some grass and I couldn't help but to snap a picture of this hippo with it's mouth wide open. Being in the dental field, I couldn't help but to suggest some Crest White Strips to him but the hippo didn't seem to care!
The little Prairie Dogs were so cute too! They looked so cuddly! They were so funny because they would communicate by one of them popping up and making this squeaking noise and then pop back down only to see another one pop up and make the same noise and then several more did the same thing. It's was pretty neat to watch them doing that. I caught a picture of this little guy through the glass wall because he had his hole right there next to it.

My favorite part of the zoo is the monkeys and gorillas. The gorillas were all asleep so they weren't much fun. The monkeys were all asleep too, except for one. This particular monkey was really funny! At first he wiped a few "eye boogers" from his eyes and began to smell it. After that he dug in his nose for a nice juicy booger and then ate it! Eww! As if that wasn't enough, he did it several more times! Then he started playing with an old torn up t-shirt. He had his arm stuck in the t-shirt and had a hard time getting it off. Once he got it off of his arm he got it around his neck like a necklace and just kept spinning it around and around and around his neck like he was looking for the end of it. He was pulling on it so hard that it finally broke and he ended up throwing it on the ground. Once he threw it on the ground he climbed down off of the platform he was on and began peeing on the ripped t-shirt. We couldn't stop laughing! Then he picked up and few pieces of carrots and ate them.

After the zoo, we went to the store to buy me a new pair of tennis shoes and my hubby and polo shirt. I hate shopping! We were there much too long for my comfort! From there we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

It was a good day with my boys!

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Brian said...

That is a really good shot of the hippo.