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Friday, September 14, 2007

What's in store for the weekend?

Since our little guy is out of commission for his weekend sports activities my boys have gone to a high school football game tonight. Which leaves me all alone. It's kind of nice to have the house to myself. So...I have pigged out on Doritos (yummy!), watched what ever I wanted to watch on tv (no sports), done the laundry and the dishes. In a few minutes I plan to take a nice hot bath but the only problem is that my current book is in the car that the boys took. A bath just isn't the same without a good book. Oh man!

Saturday, my hubby has to work (as usual) so the little guy and I plan to go to his soccer game to cheer on his team even though he can't play. Later, after my hubby gets home, we plan to go to the zoo for my hubby's yearly work picnic! Fun, fun!

Sunday, my hubby has a soft ball game and the little guy is going to go and watch. While they do that I will be at church teaching Sunday school. I asure you, this is not something we make a habit by allowing our child to skip out on church. Then we all plan to go to JCPenny's because I need a new pair of shoes since mine are now falling apart. Then we are off to support our little guy's baseball team even though he can't play in that either. By Monday he'll be okay by the doc to play again. We just need to be sure that his pulled muscle is healed up properly.

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