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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

This has been a very lazy weekend.

Friday, I did some mad house cleaning and laundry while the boys played Xbox and did boy stuff.

Saturday night, Mylan and I set up the tent in the back room and had a sleep over. We goofed around making farting noises and played shadow puppets! I didn't sleep very well though because he slept walked twice and the floor was so uncomfortable.

Today, Sunday, Larry did the yard work while Mylan and I went for a walk and explored some bicycle trails and played at the park. Then Larry and Mylan played football in the front yard. Me? I did nothing today.

Mylan has started playing soccer. He is so excited! He loves to play soccer. He has practice Tuesday and Thursday nights and on Sunday he will be doing a scrimmage baseball game with some older boys for the next 6 weeks. Our neighbor, John, sponsors a baseball team and has been watching Mylan and Larry practicing in the front yard. He thinks Mylan is pretty good and talked to the coach about Mylan trying out for their team. Mylan typically plays the catcher position, which he loves. However, The kids are older and bigger than Mylan. So they wanted to have him play in a scrimmage for 6wks. Mylan is thrilled to play with the older boys. I think he is a little nervous but hasn't really shown that yet. My hubby has been telling him over and over again that it is just for fun and that no matter what he doesn't want Mylan to get frustrated or discouraged and that no matter what he will be proud of Mylan. Either way, it will be a good experience for Mylan that not a lot of kids his age get to experience.

Lookout people, our boy will be playing in the big leagues one day! Get your autographs here! Hey...what can I say, I am a proud a parent!!

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