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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting ready...

Today we put up the Christmas tree and the other decorations! Mylan also put up his little Christmas town complete with fake sparkly snow. Last year Val gave Mylan part of her Christmas town because she saw how much Mylan loved hers. That was so nice of her! It's adorable how much Mylan still loves the things that I would've thought he'd have out grown by now. I love his spirit! I mean even things such as hugs and kisses. It embarrasses him to do that in front of others but at home he will sometimes just crawl up on the coach to snuggle with me, give me an unexpected kiss, tell me he loves me unexpectedly or come up to me and put his head on my chest and wrap his arms around me so tight for a good hug! I love a good snuggle!

This is Mylan's favorite piece. It has a little river that uses real water!

So after we got all that done I had to clean house for our guests tonight. We are having Shonda, Mike, Nathaniel and Pasha over for an early Thanksgiving dinner! Family and food...good times!

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