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Friday, November 13, 2009

Flirty Patients

We have a patient named Sherman who is almost blind. He is a short, adorable little old man at the age of 84. He is also flirty and hilarious. Sherman is in excellent shape for an 84 year old man. He only lives about a 10 to 15 min walk from our office. Because he can hardly see he walks everywhere. I often see Sherman walking places with his back pack on headed to whatever his next destination is. He used to have a dog named Sandy that would walk with him everywhere. He loved that dog, however, Sandie was a a very energetic dog. Not something a nearly blind 84 year old man needs. So although it made him sad Sherman found her a good home with his physician.
A while back Kelli, my co-worker, gave Sherman a ride home from the grocery store. This was when he still had Sandy. Kelli helped Sherman with his groceries into the house and he showed Kelli Sandy who was playing in the back yard. Sherman used to use a muzzle on Sandy when they went out for walks because it allowed him better control of her on the leash. Kelli noticed that poor little Sandy's muzzle was on too tight and it was cutting into her skin. Sherman had no idea because like I said he's is nearly blind. Kelli has a big heart when it comes to animals, she will rescue anything. She once saw a cat hit by a car then tried to follow it when it ran off because she saw it's leg was broken. When she couldn't find it she called the animal hospital all day to see if it had gotten brought in by anyone. Turned out that it had been brought in by someone else and that it was going to be okay. So anyway, Kelli got the muzzle off Sandy and noticed that the cut was pretty deep with puss and the muzzle had obviously been on her for too long. So Kelli took Sherman and Sandie to the vet. Sherman was so please that Kelli discovered this and helped Sandie out.
So the other day Sherman took Kelli out to lunch to repay her for her help. My boss and I kept teasing her and saying that she had a hot date! Ha-ha! After their lunch date Sherman had a recall appointment with us. As I seated him for his x-rays he said, "No wonder the doc has been in practice for 40 yrs when he's got two girls like you two!" While I was taking the x-rays on him he said to me, "I want you to look in my mouth to make sure my teeth are okay because I want to try to kiss you!" I just put my hands on my hips and said, "Now Sherman! Are you going to behave today?" He laughed and said that he wanted Kelli to be his new girlfriend (He had an 87 yr old girlfriend but he said she left him for his best friend. He was very sad about it.) but then he found out that Kelli had a boyfriend. So he said, "So since Kelli can't be my girlfriend I am working on you but I don't plan to ask you any questions because I don't want to know!" I said, "Well okay. I was going to tell you but I guess I won't now." Then Sherman said, "Oh I already know you're married! I can hope though can't I? I would've asked you out to lunch too but I knew you were married and I was afraid you're husband was bigger then me!" After his appointment he got lots of hugs from Kelli and I and he was on his way.

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