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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday!

Well as you know...I hate to go shopping. However, every year I put that on hold because I go with my mother-in-law, Sue, to do some Black Friday holiday shopping! Sue is a blast! She makes shopping fun! So at 3:30am I was at her house to head out and help her pick out gifts for people, fight off the crowd and do some people watching! People are nuts on Black Friday! Toys R' Us was open at midnight, Old Navy opened at 3am, JCPenny opened at 4am and others at 6am! Crazy! Typically Larry and I don't shop on Black Friday but this year Mylan wants a basketball goal and we found a great deal at Sports Authority. So this AM Larry was at the store at 5am to purchase that. There end up being a line almost around the store and only 3 of those basketball goals left! Super Dad to the rescue! Sue and I went to JCPenny's, Bath and Body Works, Michael's, a sports store in the mall and Sears. We had a Late breakfast and were back home before noon. I got a 4 hour nap and now I'm ready for next year.

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