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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Could Have Been Worse!

Okay so this could have been worse! This could have been a disaster! So here's the story...get ready to laugh! Last night Larry, Mylan and I were at a local pizza place for his football teams award ceremony. We all went to the buffet line to get our food and as I was headed back to the table I thought I'd felt something soft brush up against my leg. This is strange because I was wearing jeans. So I shake my leg a little to shake whatever it is off. Once I get to the table and sit down I reach down to adjust my pant leg thinking that maybe it had gotten rolled up somehow and that maybe I was feeling it falling back down. I don't know if that makes any sense to you but it did to me at the moment. However, my pant leg was just fine. So as I begin to look up to start to eat my food I happen to notice something very familiar to me LAYING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR! OMG! It's a pair of my underwear! OMG! It's a pair of MY UNDERWEAR laying in the middle of the restaurant floor! Just as I realize that a pair of my underwear have possibly been exposed to not only the entire restaurant but Mylan's entire football team...one of his assistant coaches walk right over them! Thank the Lord that he didn't even notice. So I take a quick look around to be sure no one is looking and I quickly scoop them up and stuff them into my pocket. Phew! That was a close one! Of course I had to let Larry know right then, it was too funny not too! So you ask, how did this happen? My guess is that they some how got static clinged to the inside of my jeans through the laundry process. You ask, why didn't anyone notice? My guess is that it was because I was lucky enough for it to have been very crowded due to all the football players and their families. Phew! That could have been worse than it was!

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Rebecca said...

Oh good grief! I can't even imagine how you must've felt when you realized that those were yours! I just I can't! Then going back to retrieve them... OH your brave! lol :D