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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Friday AM Mylan woke up complaining of a "bad headache". Mylan never complains of much so when he does I know it's worthy of some attention. So I gave him some headache medicine, took his temp (it was 99), he showered, and he ate an apple, a granola bar and a glass of water for breakfast. After Becky and I talked on the phone, we decided he was okay to go to school since his only complaint was a headache and the medicine would kick in soon. So I sent him to school. He wasn't even there for 30 mins before I was called to pick him up due to a 102 fever! Poor baby! So I took him home and put him back in his pj's and he chilled out on the couch all day watching tv, playing Xbox and sleeping. He got worse through out the day. I took his temp every 30 mins to an hour. When his fever got to 100 I went to get some fever med from Walgreen's. It just kept going back and forth ranging from 99 to 102.8. It's really quite scary to see your kid feeling so bad with such a high fever. I don't recall Mylan ever having a fever that high before. Finally around 3pm he was feeling better and his temp had stayed down at 99 for a good part of the day. Becky came to pick him up around 5:30pm and he was still feeling a lot better. Then he gradually got worse again. Now the highest his fever has been is 103. He's also started throwing up once in a while and dirahea. He gets hot and then cold. Sometimes he is shivering and freezing but to the touch he is burning up. Poor sweet Mylan. I wish I could snap my fingers and make it all better. Yesterday AM, Larry and I stopped by Becky's house to see Mylan. He was happy to see us. He'll be better soon with rest, meds, fluids and cold rags. All of his friends have been sick with the crud going around so it was only a matter of time before he caught it I guess. Luckily he has lots of family who care and love him. Just knowing that someone cares often helps a person to feel better. So Thank You to Darla, Dad, Shonda and Sue who have been checking on Mylan and worrying right along side Larry, Becky and I.
Get Well Soon Mylan! We love you!

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