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Friday, October 2, 2009

Attic Fun

Those of you who know me know that I can be a bit of a goof-ball sometimes. So these pictures shouldn't be too surprising then. Larry and I have this running joke in our house that "Steve" lives in our attic. This all came about because I've watched too many movies where the bad guy is in the attic hiding or stalking someone. So every time I hear a strange noise I tell Larry that I think there is someone in our attic. I am easily spooked. I've already climbed into the attic in the past but I was too scared to climb all the way through it. Tonight Shonda went with me. It's always more fun to do anything with a sister!

Now the trick to having a successful climb into the attic is to be well prepared. See picture below.
You must layer your clothes to keep bugs from touching you. You must tuck your pants into your socks so that bugs don't touch your legs. You must wear a stocking cap to keep bugs from touching your hair and then a hoodie tied tightly to keep bugs from touching your neck. You must wear gloves to keep bugs from touching your hands and also a head lamp or a flash light to see in the dark. Yeah, I don't do bugs very well.

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