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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mylan's Halloween Sleepover

Mylan had a Halloween sleepover this year instead of a Halloween party. We ended up with three 9 yr old boys (four total including Mylan) filling our house with chaos! Phew! First we went to a corn maze where Larry and I hoped the boys would burn off some energy. The maze takes a few hours. After the maze Larry took the boys back to the house and I picked up some pizza for dinner. I have never see food disappear so fast! I told Larry, "Can you imagine having this many boys as our own children!" Oh my! After dinner the boys wrestled in the living room. I had to the leave the room because it was too painful to watch. Later in the evening the boys settled down to a movie, Earnest Goes to Camp, and eventually fell asleep. The next morning we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast which the boys devoured in record time. After breakfast they wrestled again and stunk up the living room as boys do. After the parents finally picked up the boys Mylan helped me put the house back together while Larry made lunch and changed the oil filter on his Blazer. Wow...I'm pooped after having all those boys running around our house.

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