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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Climbing with Aunt Shonda

Today Mylan and I went climbing with my sister, Shonda a.k.a Aunt Shonda. We started out in the Boulder Room. This room is a place you can practice climbing with out using any ropes. The floors are squishy and there is big fluffy mats that you can fall onto. Shonda is trained and certified in climbing so she taught us different way to climb.

The walls go at all different angles. It's not as easy as Shonda makes it look.

Shonda flies up those walls.

This is one of Mylan's favorite holds in the boulder room because it looks like a skull.

Look at him go!

When he would get stuck Aunt Shonda would show him a different way to do it.

Here is Mylan watching Aunt Shonda as she climbs a wall.

Silly Aunt Shonda!

Aunt Shonda gets Mylan ready to climb.

Up he goes! Mylan didn't climb very high this time. I don't think he liked this wall as well as "The Dungeon". The holds on this wall are much smaller because the wall is slanted which causes you to use your feet and body more against the wall rather than counting on using the holds as much. We both found it more difficult but we still had fun.

Check out my climbing blog back in June to see our first climbing adventure with Aunt Shonda and Uncle Mike.

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