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Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Ugly Sweater" Party Highlights

Being the goofy bunch that we are, we decided to take "prom style" pics of each couple in their ugly sweaters!

Eric and Amy...

John and Mandy (the host and hostess)...

Jeremiah aka "Miah" and Aleesha...
Miah won the contest for ugliest sweater!

Me and Larry...

Dianna and Clint...

Later after our delicious dinner we went downstairs to the basement to play some darts and music.

John (the host) was our own private DJ.

Eric does some singing and dancing as his wife, Amy, is watching and laughing.

Larry is running from Miah trying to keep the darts away from him so he can have his turn. I think Larry was beating Miah at darts.

Dianna found this sweater at the Goodwill for Clint and wrote his name on it. Apparently Eric thinks it's pretty funny!

Eric playing with the toys.

Dianna dancing.

Amy and Aleesha.

Aleesha and Miah. Larry and Dianna looking on.

Larry, Eric and Miah hanging out.

Me, Aleesha, Amy (waving), and Mandy (Hostess).

Miah dancing. Silly Miah!

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