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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well it's been pretty hectic around here.
I have been working extra hours at my part time job at Bath and Body Works. With the holiday season being here we are swamped with customers. The dental office has been pretty busy too. Patients tend to want to rush in at the last minute with toothaches or broken teeth. They also tend to track in more of that salt stuff to melt the ice outside so that keeps me vacuuming all day. My boss seems to think it's funny how often I vacuum. Last week he said, "It's been 5 mins are you sure you don't need to vacuum again?"
My Grandpa Baker got a new pace maker on December 16th. On December 19th my little sister, Shonda, graduated from her nursing program with her LPN. Earlier in the week my Uncle Carol passed away. This weekend my Grandparents, mom, Pat, Shonda and Nathaniel are all in Texas for the funeral. I also found out that my Uncle Charles has been diagnosed with some sort of bad lung problem.
Well Christmas is almost here. This week has some busy plans ahead.
I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday!

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